a small demo of my first game (updated with a zip file)


Hi . just wanted to show you 2 levels of my first game (the available levels are level 3 and level 5)
controls in level 5 is invisible but you will get the idea in level 3 (it will be fixed no problem)
i’d love to hear your feedback …

What do you like about it ?
What do you not ?
How is the performance in your android phone ?
just want to hear it all … you have 2 levels to test then write notes down :slight_smile:

Also if you have more than one android device that will help me a lot to see the performance on different devices if you can test it.

how to play :-

1- download the zip file and extract it
2- just put project.apk on your phone and install
4- Have fun now :slight_smile:
project.zip (2.59 MB)

Anyone want to try it out ?

Don’t know, I guess people doesn’t like to install apk’s from “unknown” sources, me included…
But 3 virus scanners say there is no problem with it :slight_smile:

oh sorry about that … i updated it with just a zip file … just extract it and enjoy the game on your phone :slight_smile: