A Thief Odyssey (Under-Development)

Hello I’m ChibTaleGames, I’m currently looking for assistance with my game called…-drum roll-

[size=150]A Thief Odyssey![/size]

Now what is A Thief Odyssey you ask?

A Thief Odyssey is a 2D Side-Scrolling Stealth Adventure game, whereby you play as a Thief, of your own creation.
embarking on a criminal career,while also seemingly trying to build a decent normal life.

I’ve only started working on this project quite recently, so its still fresh, here’s what I can only share with you so far:

[size=150]Concept Gameplay[/size]

[size=150]Gameplay Level:[/size]
For now to take as an example, is an apartment, players are able to destroy different types of doors through mini-games before gaining access to the houses in order to steal, the difficulty will vary throughout the game. In order to complete each level challenges the players with their Skills and Abilities in terms of planning their escape route, through elevator? or stairs? You decide your own route as there is only one way route to escape, the runaway van, Hence you must plan accordingly in order to get back to the van in time, without getting caught.

[size=150]Story concept[/size]

The game is not only once you’ve stolen and escaped and mission accomplished right? I mean you do have a life…-In-Game- whereby you can start building your own home, from a shack, to a rented house, into a decent house, using your incomes from your secret work. also keeping your profile low while interacting with people during daytime like everything’s normal, maybe even form relationships hmm.

That’s all for only for now, as this baby is still gonna grow with your help!
if you like the game idea please do support and follow the project on:

(Game Dev Underground) gdu.io/game/a-thief-odyssey
(Develteam) develteam.com/Game/A-Thief-Odyssey

You can also follow me on my instagram: @pixel_marcus

If you in anyway would like to contribute to the game or want to join the A Thief Odyssey development team, do not hesitate to reply or message me! :smiley:

I’m only a College student who does game design, so I can use a lot advice from those who have experience on the fields of game development, my ears are always open especially for my development team.

[size=150]I would love to hear your thoughts of the game, if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions please do leave a reply! I’m always listening :smiley:[/size] [size=200] -ChibTaleGames[/size]

Yo~ the concept is good, it will only now depend on how it is represented or expressed in the game. I would love to play your game once its available.


In case you are looking for help, I can offer my services, read about the details at the support page at gametemplates.itch.io/

Even if you are not interested right now,
Think about what do you actually need help with and drop me an email with the details at the email or at the forum you can find on the page I linked, I may even help for free depends on what is that you actually need help with or in case I can keep all the rights for the work I do and it is something that is not very specific to the game you are making, I may offer to do it for as low as 5USD.
For example, the mini-games to unlock the doors sounds interesting…

I understand you don’t want to spend money on the game, who does right? But the problem with revenue share is that, the game need to be finished and released and need to generate revenue. I did work on such projects in the past and they never been finished because the owner of the rights (in this case it is you) either lost interest, motivation or other things required his attention like school, work, friends and family and the development stopped by the end. Also dedication from people to keep the development going is always a problem. Even in best case scenario we are talking about months of work, You are unlikely going to find anyone being dedicated to your project so long for free. Dedication always be a problem in long term, some may offer help today but weeks later they just disappear and it slow the development down even further which hurt that very few people who may be really dedicated to help for revenue share. The longer it takes, the less likely able to keep dedicated people around and you either end up give up the project or start engine hoping and hope you can get help in more popular engines or the development be faster in an other engine…etc

Anyway, you can read more about my offer at the link, have a good day and good luck with your project.

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Thanks @Rikazu, for being one of my first supporters haha :smiley: I will do my best for this game to be made! I’ll keep my devlog updated bi-weekly with every work I made on the game. Check my gdu, for that!
and Thanks @ddabrahim, I will consider the offer. Cheers everyone :slight_smile:

If it not a secret you can mention though what sort of mini games you have in mind.
I did also setup a forum where things like that can be requested in a less formal way in case all you aiming for is free content:
You can describe any mini games you need and I can consider it too :wink:

:smiley: Alright guys! I just made my own website using Weebly, I will start posting screen shots of A Thief Odyssey more there starting from now and DevBlogs especially! its also a going to be a good source of communication between you and me!
here’s what the website looks like!

Here the image is not even fullsized its cropped, so you better check it out! :smiley: idk why its also has reddish on the pictures, I will try and fix that anyways I will be using that websites again for devlogs which I will start putting on just to test the website and share a bit of what I’ve been working so far.

This is the link to my webiste: chibtalegames.weebly.com/

Think of the website as my temporary website so to speak, I’m not really website developer so yeah its good feeling to have my own website I will be glad if you check it out :slight_smile:

First Devlog has been made -yay! visit this link to read the blog!


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in there!

Have a great day fellow gamers and game devs!


Hello guys I am sorry but I will be putting this project aside for now, I am really sorry if I hyped some of you of the idea and I am not working on it…

However, I am working on a much simpler little project that is plausible for me to finish its a detective game which I title it as ‘Good Enough. A Detective Story Game’ if anyone of you is interested in mystery side scroller detective games this is what I am currently working on right now :grin:

I am working to make a complete demo it is a story heavy game
here is some screenshots of the game under development:


I’m reading this topic for the first time and i really liked the idea of thief odyssey, why did you stop?

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@Sinha I did not stop fully :wink: I put it aside for now to release something manageable in the moment before something like ‘A Thief Odyssey’.

hi, I like it too. I’m on the team if you want, for free :wink:

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@xisco Awesome! Sent you a pm! check it :grin:

Ooh, i see! if you want help with graphics i can help you, I do not have much free time, but there’s always a little time for help someone who’s need :smile:


:thinking: do you create graphics?!