A Typing Game


I have made a typing game in GD. Hopefully it can be fun and help you type faster! kongregate.com/games/Matsps/typer-mx

Any comments or bug reports are welcomed! Also, if there are any fast typers out there, my best endurance score is 548 if you want to try to beat the game creator (although one of my friends already did - He got 689! :astonished: ).

If anyone could tell me how you get the Kongregate API working with a game like this, that would also be super helpful! I keep failing. <_< :confused:

Hi ! It’s a good job !
I don’t find any bug but sprites for words are so different about background. (Sorry for my english)

Nice game! :mrgreen:
I’ve never worked with the Kongregate API, you should be able to use it with the action to send Http Request but it can be a bit tricky if you never worked with it before.