A weird bug appeared!

This bug is hard to explain. Gdevelop skips frame of walk cycle. It never did before! but when reinstall it worked fine. but when restart computer it start skipping frames again? One thing I wanna mention that I cleaned my computer this morning with blower this morning. before cleaning, this morning, it was working perfectly fine!

Can we see the code which is not working?

It’s a simple walk and idle event for platformer character

The problem it’s not playing animation loop properly

Do other projects animations work fine, and do other animations in this project work fine? If so, perhaps you could save a new copy of the images for the animation and use those instead of the old ones. Somehow maybe that one image is corrupted? :confused:

No the images are not corrupted because all the animation from this project works fine but only the walk cycle which is looped. And it wasn’t giving any issue before, and also this bug goes away if I reinstall the software! I am gonna try on another pc to see the problem. how can I upload video to show you what is causing this problem?

here is the link to drop box video
dropbox.com/s/40e811f1mv6dm … 0.flv?dl=0

On other PC it is working fine! how to completely uninstall and delete GD like any preference or anything that it save in the document or otherwise. So I can completely reinstall the software!

Doesn’t using add/remove programs do that? I suppose you could check yourself in documents that it did indeed remove all settings etc though.