About color blindness

I am making a game where the player needs to be able to clearly distinguish between red, orange and green.
I am ignorant on the different forms of color blindness but it just occurred to me that this might be a problem.
I want to add an option for color blind people but I am usure to what colors to change each, if I should add multible options for differen forms of color blindness and if there is anything else to consider.
If anyone here has experience or is color blind themselve I would appreciate some help regarding this.
Edit: also, would it be possible to do this with filters? Do any for this exist already? How do you create new filter (effects?)

This site has a color blindness simulator at the bottom of each page when you search a color, so you can see how someone with that condition might perceive that particular hue. You may have different shades in mind, I just searched for the ones you mentioned.

I’m not sure about the filters or if you can create custom ones yet.

There’s this site as well


Considering the huge spectrum of color blindness I think it might be best to let the users themselve choose the color.
Is it possible to optimize this for people with Monochromacy/Achromatopsia at all? I am thinking white/black/gray but would people with that form of color blindness even want to play something like this?

You’re welcome.

I have no idea about the optimization part and can’t say what games color blind people would play - I just knew of color hexa for other purposes and googled the other link. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Patterns instead of colors is what I am thinking now :slight_smile:

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Good solution :+1::smile: