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I have made the same query twice on the English channel of discord. I hope I have more luck around here to get some answer.

How can I make a filter that checks in any document a field called “ID” and that the text to verify is any as long as there is anything written?

Perhaps this thread will help you: Firestore Queries - Order & Filter

Access the documentation I have already done but thank you for your suggestion.

If you want answers I’d recommend asking your question in correct English, because I fail to understand anything in your question except that you want to filter stuff. All I can tell you with the little that I understand from your question is that to filter documents by their fields you can use queries.

1st I have already reviewed documentation, forum and youtube. If there was more information I wouldn’t bother to ask.

2nd My English is not good so I have to use a translator.

3rd It’s sad but I have to ask how I can in English since the Spanish community here is small or they don’t respond.

If you want answers I’d recommend asking your question in correct English

I think that the minimum if someone tries to explain himself and the person does not understand it from his writing or his reasoning, the logical thing would be to tell him to ask the question in another way not to ignore him.

Now you can close. I will try to find out by other means seen what I have seen. Thanks Arthuro :wink:

That’s what I just did?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m not sure why you want the topic to be closed but if that’s what you want…