About the dificulties with "new" Lock position/angle in the editor

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Since version 5.0.122 now we able to select locked objects on editor, but we cannot move them. It make more simple to unlock them! But… :thinking:

If I try to pick an unlocked object, but it’s behind of a locked object and that locked object is bigger them it, so I’ll cannot pick it. I did an example:

(my print don’t show, but my mouse was above of Unlocked_Object)

I can pick it using Instance List, but when I try to change the position on editor the locked object is picked.

Maybe it’s a common question for us beginners how to unlock objects. I also had this doubt in my first days using Gdevelop because I didn’t used the list of instances, but changing the functionality didn’t seem like a good way to solve this. Now I cannot use this feature anymore, because always I need move the objects first in that situations.

Edit: Maybe it’s still usefull for lock just the behind objects like backgrounds, but I prefer the old way. I think it’s more usefull.


In your specific case, you’re only able to see the unlocked object because the locked object is transparent in the center.
But it’s normal that you cannot select an object behind another one, locked or not.

To move it in this situation, you need to use the X/Y coordinates shown in the object properties, or use the keyboard arrows.
You could also change the Z-order of the object, or place the locked object on a separate layer and hide it.

Looks like an edge case to me.

Yes! But isn’t this situation very common? We all use many objects with transparent space and as we build the level I think it’s normal for them to overlap each other. And maybe some types of projects have even more difficulty dealing with it (maybe visual novel?)

I don’t have installed here anothers game engines except for godot. I tested that functionally and there locked objects cannot picked anymore. I think this tool serves to lock objects to they do not disturb us anymore while we organize the objects on the scene.

Yeah, it’s possible in this way, but it’s not practical to look for the object in the list of instances, select it, try several times the X and Y position of it until get exactly the position we wanted it.

I think this can make some confusion and if we wanted make a previews will be necessary to undo all these changes and redo for each preview.

I don’t understand what the advantage of the change was (besides helping beginners unlock the objects). The solutions you gave me are possible, but painful. I thought it was there so we wouldn’t have to do all the work you mentioned. Now I don’t understand it’s functionality anymore. If every time I click I’m going to pick the object from above, what’s the advantage of having the bottom object locked? It’s make no difference. And if I want to pick the bottom object but I have an object locked above ,it’s not possible, so, why I want to lock the above object? And if my objects are not overlapping each other, why i’ll lock them? :face_with_monocle:

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I don’t know why. I lock objects that are background elements. I never lock objects on the foreground.

I don’t know why you gave the blue square a z-order higher than your main object.
If you want to convince the devs to revert that change, you should provide a good example demonstrating your point.

I haven’t used GDevelop recently, so I haven’t made my mind up about whether I like this change. :man_shrugging:

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Hey, man having the same issue here :tired_face:
I wish there was a selection lock somewhere.
That was very handy for level designing.

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