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I could not find the GDevelop documentation when I clicked “Learn”.

I now know it’s in the wiki.

However, when I clicked Learn, I did not see the simple underlined “the wiki” text. It was not obvious to me and I scrolled right passed it.

I was looking for “Docs” or “Documentation” not “the wiki”

I think the community would be better served to have a call to action pointing out the wiki in a more obvious way than a subtle text underline.

Perhaps calling it “Documentation” “Manual” or whatever, instead of “the wiki” would also have helped. I did CTRL-F and look for “doc”

Also, I find it really strange that there is no link in GDevelop itself to the wiki documentation:


I think there should be a link “GDevelop Documentation” in the menu.

Also for that matter, why not include a link to the gdjs Documentation here:

As well ?

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