Action Platform Rosy e Teo

My second game made with GDevelop. is an action platformer with different scenarios at each level.
The story is very simple, the game gets more and more challenging as you progress.
is available for free here in the Store

here is the video:

The simple story is this
The World of Fantasy is endangered by the struggle for power waged by two wizards. Rosy and Teo are called by the Old Sage to retrieve the Sphere of Elements stolen from the Unnamed wizard. Only with this Sphere will the Old Sage be able to restore peace to the World of Fantasy.
You can choose one of the two characters, Rosy or Teo, and guide him along the path in the World of Fantasy with ever new scenarios. The Wise Old Man will help you along the way by preparing useful tools for you.
All the skills acquired with one of the two characters (Rosy or Teo) you can also use them for the other in the future, if you wish to change characters.
The game is not easy, but neither difficult nor impossible: you can do it.


I installed your game on my android phone.
I’ll play later with it.

Just one remark: i suppose you are left-handed because the movement keys are on the left which is for left-handed persons.
As the number of right-handed are greater in the world than left_handed, i suggest you put movement key controls on the right instead.

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Hi, thank you very much for the feedback, I’m right-handed, but I will make a change by inserting the possibility for the user to be able to fix the keys as he likes.

I’m waiting for.

I can’t find a game where the movement keys are not on the left :wink:

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Hi Jack!
You are certainly right but on the right, it’ll be also funny.

P.S: i said that because as a right-handed person, I had trouble playing with the arrows on the left.

however it was useful advice. I proceeded to insert a key which reverses the layout of the keys. I will carry out some tests, then I will launch the update relise and inform you.

Ok and thanks. For the realization, the most easy would be to have 2 UI layers: one with movement keys for left-handed and another layer with movement keys for right-handed.
And have an option in the preferences where the player can choose right or left place for the movement keys

Hi, on Google Play there is the update that includes the possibility for the user to be able to change the keyboard with a simple click at any time of the game.

I am going to download your game.
I’ll say you what i think of all that.

I installed the game but after clicking on next button, the display is grey!
I precise i have a Samsung A3 mobile phone.

I noticed it too after I installed the game from Google Play.
There must have been an error in the APK transmission.
I have to send it back
The gray screen problem is due to waiting for the ad banner.

new update is online
The initial gray screen bug has been overcome

It’s always the same: the gray screen appears after clicking on Start button!

I understand the problem.
the APK that I install directly on smartphones to test them and on BlueStacks works correctly: loading the advertising banners and then opening the game scenes.
The same APK that I sent on GooglePlay and then installed from the Store, the game stops on the request for the banner … practically waiting for the banner that will never arrive. I don’t understand what problem there may be.
In any case, to bypass this problem I inserted a timer on the banner page, after 5 seconds if the banner is not shown, the app switches to the game scenes.
I prefer that they don’t display banners, but that the game works anyway. … in the meantime I will try to understand what causes this problem, even if so far it has never occurred: not even in the other apk.
In a few hours they should put version 1.0.3 online and I’ll download it from the Store and weave it from there too … I’ll let you know

Must i understand i can now have the corrected version of your game by clicking again on the link all above in this post?

yes, version 1.0.3 is online.
I installed it and it works: after 5 seconds, if the advertising does not start, the game scenza automatically loads.
Can you try it too please?

Ok. I’ll download and try your new version.
Let me known when ads issue will be corrected.

Super, it’s ok. And i have also tried the right and left controls!
Well done!