Action with operator in extensions

Action with operator can be a child of any “Expression and condition”. Right?
“Expression and condition” returns a value. So how to use this value in Action with operator? It may be obvious but i’ve read all guides and didnt find this case.

To explain a certain usage - i have “Expression and condition” code that returns a value. In events i add a condition “If the value < 100” so the next action should increase this particular value by 1 (for example). So how can i write a code that works with this value that’s returned from “Expression and condition”?
I just want to find out how Action with operator works.

Can you post a picture of the event to clarify further?

So Action with operator depends of Expression and Condition here.

So both Condition and Action are events with operators now. The condition returns a value in the last line. How should i get this value in my action?