Add a new category for "Solved Items" or "Items needing to be added to Wiki"

We see lots of questions here on the forums. In many cases, some of these questions are repeat answers.

I think we could help promote improving the Wiki if there was an easy/quick way to find all solved items (that don’t link back to the wiki already).

Would there be a way to add a category for “Solved Items” on the forums, or “Needs to be Documented”? That way people could review that section for answered questions, and see if there’s something in the wiki that needs to be added (such as a tutorial) or cleaned up (such as expanding an event action/condition description page)?

I know a lot of forum software has the option to automatically display threads in a subcategory if the thread ave a certain tag in the title, but I’m not sure if GD’s forum does. If not, I realize this would potentially add more effort for the mods, but I believe the benefit would be worthwhile.

In theory, this will not only help us all make the wiki better, but give users another place to check to answer their questions (since the search engine isn’t always the best, or leads you to another person with the same question but no answer, etc)


It has false negatives and false positives, but you can use this:"solved"%20in%3Atitle

Maybe the easiest would be to create a @Wiki role on the forum and ping it where needed?

Regarding the issue of similar questions coming up too often, I’d like to make a universal problem solver (troubleshooting guide) wiki page, like the !commands I made on the Discord, for the most common issues. We could ask users to confirm that they checked that page before submitting a problem.

I haven’t worked on it recently, and it’s very drafty, but here’s my troubleshooting material so far: