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hello guys I am wondering if it is possible to add a new game publication web that I am managing, I would like it to appear when a new export of HTML type is generated in GDevelop as seen in the capture.


The web is this, I am the web administrator and I would like it to appear here.

I have created this website specifically for HTML5 games, there are several forms of publication of image only type, self hosted and hosted by us.

Image: It is to show the game without further ado.
Self Hosted: For those users who already have the game published on another website then they only add the url and an iframe is generated to that url.
Hosted by Us: The game is hosted on our servers, the user must upload the game compressed in .zip.

Publishing the games is free now and forever.

Furthermore, the web offers GDevelop users an integrated API to be able to use leaderboards in their games.
A documented and very simple to use API with a downloadable sample project that can be tested.
All requests are made with a Game ID and secret and public API keys.
They are over https protocol in a secure way in JSON, they are made from GDevelop to the API database.
The responses are encoded in JSON.

I hope that some moderator or user in charge can assess it and tell me if it is possible to add this website.

As a few users requested a Sign Up link to join in the web.

Thanks so much for reading.

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I’ll answer, but this is my own personal opinion, I haven’t discussed it with the team.
The main problem I see is that we want to recommend the platforms that give creators the most visibility, and your platform is brand-new, so empty. It’s an ouroboros, I know… :sweat_smile:

I would suggest that you make a neat commented example project demonstrating the API and leaderboards, and we would add that to GDevelop, so people who search for highscore/leaderboard will check out the project and likely use your platform for that.
Then, when your platform has been field-tested and has some user base and game base, I think it would make a great addition to the list.

In the meantime, I spotted a minor UI issue:

Do you have a roadmap for the website?

Hi the web is tested and the API works perfectly, we have been working on it for several months.

with respect to the examples in the footer of the web are the links or here you have them
For the users to see the api documentation the have to be logged in.
See an example detailed in text with screenshots.

On the other hand and without offending it is just a request

If I have to be famous with 1,000,000 visits to be included in GDevelop then we will wait for them to call me.
I do not think it is relevant if the project is new or if it has many visitors or users, I just asked to help the creators to upload their games. If it is going to be a problem delete this post without further ado and we forget about the topic.
A detail of how to create an account and add your game

Thanks for reading.

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Added public documentation for the API integration with GDevelop 5
API Documentation

Links can be found in footer of the website.
How to Add a new Player to your game.
How to Set a Player Score.
How to Get a Player Score.
How to get All Players Scores of your Game.

A detailed project specially created for GDevelop 5 is now available for download and test.

Crimson Games Leaderbards GDevelop Project

Hope this helps to any of you to consider the inclusion of this website as a new publisher.
Thanks for your time.


So yesterday we added new features to our website in case you interest

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I like this site and I am ready to publish my game on it

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Thanks @Marandici I’m glad you like the web, I totally forgot to add the link to sign up here it is
Btw, i will add the link into description too.

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