Add Image from a File imports image seq backwards [solved]

here is an annoying bug that makes the Sprite Object Editor unbearable:

If you want to import an animation sequence, use the command “add an image from a file” and select multiple images.
Gdevelop imports them, but it puts them in absolutely the most wrong order. I mean look at this:

Not only are they not ordered by name when imported (as an animation sequence should be),
-The first frame does not correspond to the first frame of the sequence
-The sequence is imported backwards! :mrgreen:

Adding to the pain, the actual design makes it hard to put them back in the right order :unamused:

  • their original names are not displayed and its hard to see because the thumbnails are small
    -You can not shift select more than one to move left or right
  • You can not drag an image to move its order, instead you have to issue a move left or move right command multiple times

This makes it an absolute pain in the ass to import an animation to gdevelop. Please fix :cry:

Strange, there is a even a line of code in GD that literally sort the array of files being added: … .cpp#L1754

Can you move image with keyboard shortcuts? Did you added them using Right Click > Add an image from a file?

Yes , I added them with Right Click > Add an image from a file. I can move them with keyboard shortcuts but it is a huge time waster pain to reorder them every single time.

Try importing an image sequence in the linux editor. It never gets imported in the right order.

Btw Dragging and dropping them stops working after a while, so I have to restart gdevelop when I want to drag and drop images onto the animation strip. Might be a linux specific issue.

In fact, there are all in the reverse order (even the first and the last, your first picture is false : watch the player’s feet).
I’ve fixed the bug. :wink:

thank you ! :smiley:

Good catch victor, thanks a lot! :smiley:

The editor is getting so much better with Victor’s fixes! :smiley: