[Added] Add link to wiki at the top bar

Not sure how people discover this forum but it seems like many don’t even know the wiki exist. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It could be useful in my opinion to add a link to the wiki at the top bar next to the login button maybe.

Also I think wiki.gdevelop-app.com should take us to the wiki instead of this long link:

Also wiki.compilgames.net take us to the GD4 wiki, I an see people are still using GD4 but since it is discontinued, I see no reason to continue use this better link for GD4 wiki, so if not wiki.gdevelop-app.com then wiki.compilgames.net should take us to the GD5 wiki instead of GD4 and have a link to the old GD4 wiki on the home page maybe somewhere at gdevelop-app.com :+1:


Add a wiki button in header can be useful!

This forum use Discourse instead PHPbb, so @4ian should need follow this for add button in header.


I’ve added links to Wiki, Roadmap and a Download link too for people discovering a forum thread without having GDevelop installed.
On mobile the space is very limited so only Wiki is shown :slight_smile: