Adding FLASH?

@4IAN, this is just to know what you think about this… What would you think about – adding Flash support with either (1) convert GD Event to Starling AS3 code or (2) converting to something like Haxe (Stencyl also uses Haxe).

EDIT: Now as I am proposing this idea, I have to warn the community, I don’t want to give hope/s to the community, I am not familiar with C++ :neutral_face: , only C (no degree or such, just self-learned :smiley: ).

HTML5 is better then flash :wink:
For exemple to use flash you need adobe flash player, for use html5 you just need a browser (or a mobile device !)
And a plateform type is so longer to add then other feature so they need to be powerful :slight_smile:

HTML5 is supported by more devices (especially mobile phones and tablets) than Flash.

Thanks to both of you for your opinion/s, i agree, but (please correct me if i am mistaken), flash game developers seem to earn more money than HTMl5 ofcourse there is “TrueValhalla” (who’s using GM Studio or something), but then again, he has 10 years of experience.

There is this opinion that the Flash is dead (or dying), you also get to read that Flash for Mobile will not be supported, iOS has increased performance for HTML5 (or vice versa) and such … but then again, there is still this fact that there is no such complicated Games in HTML5 as there are in Flash, they say HTML5 is not as mature (yet).

Most of the facebook social games are in Flash, while there are developers/companies deploying their games with Unity though …

Some would say the quality depends on the resources and the abilities of the developer, but IDK if it’s that or the Flash’s maturity, that there seem to be more quality games from Flash … not insulting HTML5 (maybe it’s the lack of developers here?)

Plus, there is FGL for Flash (while i read it’s taking HTML5 too from sometime), the developers earn $$$$ on their games, and then i didn’t see as much of demand for HTML5 games as you see for Flash. There is MarketJS, but then i read it’s not that easy to get it sold or such … i hope you understand what i’m trying to mean …

This is just my opinion … :slight_smile:
Thank you …

Flash is still a bit more powerful, but it’s really a dying, non portable, no more supported technology and even professionnal engines like Unity are turning to HTML5 instead of Flash.

Basically, the answer is no, I will never redevelop the entire GD engine to support flash. I have no time for it and I don’t want it, it would really be catastrophic for the future of the software :slight_smile:

@4IAN, Thank you for the reply … yeah it’d be catastrophic, no doubt… but just out of curiosity, can you (anyone I mean :slight_smile: ) actually touch the GD Engine Core by coding GD Plugins? :confused: I mean to implement Flash code output, entirely by writing plugin for it, is it possible? theoretically? :question:

Thank you …

You currently can with extension :slight_smile:

It could be done, but it implies writing an entirely new platform and it’s a huge work, it needs a lot of knowledge about GD.
Anyone interested in doing it should better enhance the HTML5 engine :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you … but what skills does one need to be able to try to work with the source? I am not that familiar with C++ :neutral_face: , and you’d need HTML5 knmowledge too, am i right?

And i didn’t find the usual “SDK” option you had before in the site, can you tell me a little about it? :slight_smile:

Thanks …

If you’re not familiar with C++, you shouldn’t try to create a game platform.
Why is Flash so important to your eyes ? :confused:

Now, Game Develop is fully opensource, so you can find all the source code here :

Thanks … I do understand the basics of OOP in C++, but not all of them :neutral_face: .

As for the “why it’s important” question, as I have said already, It seems like (please correct me if I am mistaken) Flash games make more money (via sponsorship) than HTMl5 do…

Because there are more flash games… Anyway, do the flash platform if you want, but I don’t think you will succeed…

Do not waste your time on Flash, it’s almost dead and creating a new platform for GD is a huge task: GD do not need it (it needs more developers on the already existing platforms) and you won’t make it to the end. Really :slight_smile:

Really, better learn Javascript and improve already existing extensions.

Okay … Thank you … I had learnt JS in the past, now I only remember it’s barebones, I will learn it again. I do know you have C++ source of GD uploaded in GITHUB page, but (I hope not to bug you with this) but you had something “SDK” button in GD main page below the binary downloads button before the software became open-source. What was it about? I mean - what tools were you linking in that page? :confused:

I’m asking this cause I’m wondering if that “SDK” thing (if it was something different) would give me some benefit over having to go through the whole engine source code for now … :slight_smile:

I hope you understand what I mean … :slight_smile:

SDK is now just the complete source of the software. :slight_smile:
It’s not more difficult than a SDK, you have the same external library to install (no more no less) then compile the software.