Adding force and putting object did not work properly.


I’ve working/training on a top down spaceship game. But could not make the movement and it’s only a tiny bit of the game. I decided to try in another way and it worked, until I changed the version. From there I tried more ways but none of them worked, then I decided to write here because the problem grown major.
So the details are… the mathematics function have a little problem, the first attempt was the mathematical sovle of the programming problem, because I wanted to do a drift style move I needed sine and cosine. None of them worked I cheked simply with multiple calculators, and it always shown a wrong results, plus it had a strange anomaly that caused a vibration. Maybe I did yomething wrong I dont want to blame someone, if someone worked whit this function and get a working code then I would appreciate it (even if it’s a c++ implementation, I’ve worked woth C a bit).
At the second attempt I tried the add force function and with a little trial-error I’ve managed a working movement with drifting movement like in space (lack of dampening). But when I changed te version its all gone wrong, started with the force. Something changed in that because it’s vibtating and always have dampening or when the dampening changed to 0 then it dont move at all. I dont know why but then I tried the put object around another. So when the object putted to object +1 position …no…not anywhere near but to one point of the screen, even if you change the distance of the angle. So I’m stuck pretty much.
So if someone have and idea or something. Even if someone got the older version installer (I lost my older version). then HELP! :smiley:

Can you show us your events ?

I’m pretty sure that actions do not have any bug: you surely misused the action, please show your events. :slight_smile:

The first code worked in the previous version I have.

Dont know anything from this but I think is should’nt work like this

Cosine should be in that variable

Sorry if I’m too dumb…

Erhmmm… first thing I notice is that you’re trying to put the object “ship” around the object “ship” and I don’t know where you want to go with that.

How exactly you want to move the ship?
I mean: in what circumstances and how?

I think that you need to show ALL your events to receive some help,
… maybe if you upload your project here.