Adding the GDevelop page in Wikipedia English

@4ian, It has come to attention that we don’t currently have a Wikipedia English Page.
Source:GDevelop — Wikipédia


I wanted to take the initiative to post a page for review but I got to know that @Bouh already submitted a draft, however, it got rejected GDevelop - Wikipedia.

@Silver-Streak suggested that we take some ideas from Construct (game engine) - Wikipedia or Stencyl - Wikipedia.

he also mentioned that “Reliable sources are being called out because you’ve got quotes from the author without any sources to the quote. That’s a common method of misinformation on Wikipedia, so either those items likely need to be removed, or 4ian’s quotes need to be linked to an article somewhere that has them.”

Silver Streak’s Recommendations:-


  1. Origin of Logo section (Without a reference for this, It’ll keep getting flagged)
  2. GDev App section (should just be part of the feature list)
  3. Quote at the top of the History section
  4. The info around the forums and discord.


  1. To the features section, add a line that states something like “Web and Local client - GDevelop has a both a local client and a web application to allows for game develop ment directly from the browser. The web app is based on the GDevelop code and has a simpler interface but with the same internal power.”
  2. Change the Compilation of games section to “Supported platforms”. Keep your first line. change the second line to bullet points of “Native Platforms” “HTML 5” with the info you have already.
  3. Add reference links to the first and latest builds from github to the history section

What do you think? What more should be added to make it look unique?


For Wikipedia to accept the article, it must be high quality with reliable source and ensure that the software has a high enough notoriety.

I think that the “Web and Local client” is interesting to mention.
You can cite:

You can cite these indie games:

Silver Streak’s Recommendations

All these recommendations are good. Please apply them all :slight_smile:

Prefer to do a small page with a lot of citations and sources and with a simple, perfectly written English (any mistake will be considered as poor form and risk the page to be removed).

Thanks for your contribution and for asking about this! Happy to see people working on a Wikipedia page :slight_smile:


Would it be useful to reference modern technology references to gdevelop? I can’t think of any off hand, but like if you search “free game maker 2020” you will find gdevelop (that’s how I found this years ago :sweat_smile:). Surely some relevant outlet has mentioned gdevelop.

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That may be true, yes!

An new good source for the wikipedia.
Source useful for mention of google’s programs, GSoC and GSoD.

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Alright so I will start editing the Page and ask for any help if I need any, and bouh If you don’t mind I will be editing your draft itself

I spent some time on lunch from work to research other game engine Wiki pages.

With that in mind, I’ve made some moderate to major changes to the draft:

  • I added focus to the main features listed on the GDevelop site (Game Creation without programming languages), highlighted the features that enabled it, then listed the others in an “other features” section.
  • Upon reviewing the articles for Godot, Unity, and Construct, I removed the Operation section as it seemed to be out of line with how other articles are, and maybe a bit too in the weeds for a main Wikipedia article.
  • I updated the quote from 4ian to be in a quote block and cited the interview.
  • I’ve made a few language passes on the entry in general to remove instances of “You will/You can/etc” and put it in the more common tense and third person writing styles seen in other articles on the site.
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@4ian, we would highly appreciate it, if u can go through the wikipedia draft GDevelop - Wikipedia, and kindly give your feedback :).

Thanks all!
Appreciate the work put in this draft.

A few quick feedbacks:

Shader effects can be used on layers since beta84.

Not super interesting to explain things that are now in the past?

Available in

Only “English” is written, maybe let’s write “English” and “community provided translations”

Participatory funding from March to May 2014

This gives little value to the reader of the article, not sure if we should talk about this.

  • The forum has been open since approximately 2008.
  • The oldest version of GD found is 1.0.8504202 Beta, released on August 11, 2008, the previous is private or not found.

Same, maybe avoid listing a list of “trivias” about GDevelop that is surely interesting but not that much for thetraditional Wikipedia reader :wink:

Game Creation without Programming Languages

I like very much the 3 sections: “Event-based Logic”, “Behaviors” and “Easy Content Pipeline”! Concise and efficient.

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More quick changes this morning before work:

  • Removed participatory funding section
  • Updated languages with Crowdin link
  • Completely redid history section to more closely match Unity/Godot/Construct wiki article format with citations
  • Added a “Examples of Released Games” section with some of the existing games from the original history detail, and some others that have been released.
  • Added an external link to the games showcase.

alright so @4ian, we have updated most of the sentences and column to your liking, would you mind reviewing it again?Sorry to bother you but we just want to make sure that everything is “right”.

Sure yea, thanks a lot for your interest @L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a, how about u check for any grammatical mistakes in the draft:- . Moreover, give us feedback about how the page is and what things should be added further.

Secondly, Can you remove WebAssembly keyword from the draft, it’s written under the Platform section in the right hand “quick info bar” at the starting of the page.

Additional changes from feedback (thanks @arthuro555)

  • Updated the Javascript section
  • Changed the Advertising Heading (To Monetization)
  • Corrected the number of methods listed in the opening section
  • Added repository link to info panel (this is common in other FOSS engine pages, it seems)

One nitpicking for:

legacy C++ code from GDevelop 4

=> “C++ code inherited from GDevelop 4” (it’s not legacy by itself if it’s used in GDevelop 5 :))

Also I would add to this part:

Behaviors can be added to game objects, and the same object can have several behaviors.

=> Something like:
“Behaviors can be added to game objects, and the same object can have several behaviors. Behaviors can also be created using the Event system - allowing to extend the existing set of behaviors without coding.”

The rest looks good to me. Happy to have this draft being submitted again to Wikipedia :slight_smile: Please ping me once it’s done and if there is an approval/rejection later.

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@4ian For some reason, someone (who isn’t one of the current contributors or a name I recognize) created another GDevelop article about a week ago. Because of that conflict it got another rejection.
The other article is basically a stub and has no version history, so I’ve submitted a proposal for deletion to remove that stub so we can migrate our draft to publication.

The reviewer has said that path forward makes sense, so now we just have to wait the 7 days for the proposal of deletion to be completed.

Ah things are getting interesting!
Would it make sense to merge extra explanations/sources? For example, The Verge article is quite nice as it’s a source with good reputation :slight_smile:
So that the new article you wrote can be seen as “strictly superior” to the existing one to replace it :slight_smile:

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I agree with this, 11 tools to get you started making video games - The Verge. @Silver-Streak shall I add it? Moreover, where would it be suitable to reference this?

I think the article is helpful, but I’m not sure where it makes sense to use as a reference.

Maybe as a reference on the second sentence of " It is designed to allow users of all ages and skillsets to create" ?

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Yea that’s done but do we need to revise our References Retrieved dates?