Adding Video to 1st Scene

I added “menu” as the first scene, basically just a graphic telling the player to click on the screen. I want that to start the video playing. When the video ends, I want the scene to change from “menu” to “Kristi”. At this point, when I hit “play”, scene “menu” comes up, but clicking on the screen does nothing. The video doesn’t play. I also tried with trigger.

Try changing “Mouse is pressed” to “Mouse is released”

You can try to open the video example project, edit the link on the video object by yours.
It’s like the video isn’t correct. Are you using the codec that is explain on properties of the video object?

LOL. What a GDevelop newb I am! Didn’t realize the video had to be dragged into the scene! Turns out my videos rendered from iClone export in exactly the right format, so that’s no problem. I apologize for having people trying to figure out the problem, when it was actually just “operator headspace”!

The only problem now is that the video starts playing immediately, not after a 5-second delay. What is wrong with my scene timer? The initial (“menu”) scene basically just consists of a graphic telling the player to click on the screen. I figured 5 seconds should be long enough to do that and start the video playing. The video plays fine and the transitions to the remaining three scenes are fine. What happened to my 5 second delay?

Add an Event condition Begin of the scene there add the timer like
Reset timer “Video”
then check the timer in other condition below. and stop or reset the timer according to your needs.