AdMob Interstitial code

Hello people,

Have anyone succeeded to implement an interstitial ad on android or anywhere else?

It seems that code is not quite complete and that’s causing interstitial ads to not work.
Banners are working fine, the code for banner creation is better implemented as it really makes use of most of the parameters we can choose from adMob extension, like isOverlap, isTesting, etc (only position is not taken into account, as reported here).

Below is where all data is read from adMob object:

[code], runtimeScene, objectData);

this._androidBannerId = objectData.androidBannerId;
this._androidInterstitialId = objectData.androidInterstitialId;
this._iosBannerId = objectData.iosBannerId;
this._iosInterstitialId = objectData.iosInterstitialId;
this._isTesting = objectData.isTesting;
this._position = objectData.position;
this._overlap = objectData.overlap;
this._showOnStartup = objectData.showOnStartup;[/code]

This is what is used to prepare interstitial ads:

AdMob.prepareInterstitial({ adId: adId, autoShow: false }, function() { that._interstitialReady = true; cb(); }, function() { that._interstitialReady = false; cb(); });

Comparing with Banner creation, there are a lot of other properties used on the last one:

AdMob.createBanner({ adId: adId, position: position, autoShow: true, overlap: this._overlap, isTesting: this._isTesting }, function() { that._bannerDisplayed = true; }, function() { that._bannerDisplayed = false; });

Is this a bug? Otherwise what could I have done wrong?

GDevelop Release (UTF8), Running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bits.