AdMob "Invalid Click Traffic" Account Disabled 💔

okay so what in the “****” I stayed up ALL night for two straight nights making my game. I finally got 95% done with my game and wanted to “Check” if the Admob worked! So I did as told. (Export to APK file).
FOR SOME REASON “when I opened the app on my phone” the Ads played every 3 seconds!
I closed it after about 20seconds of trying to test my game! I finally went to sleep! and WOKE up to MY ADMOB ACCOUNT BEING DISABLED! for some “Invalid Click Traffic” and it also said my Admob Account was a “Duplicate” WTF either Admob is NOT secure and My account is now in the hands of some Third Party or The Terrible Reward Video has done it! idk… but wow what a week man… Idk if you know what I should do next please help…

Sorry, you will need to contact Google, we can’t give any guidance on next steps outside of that.

Note, if you “checked” without being in test mode, you broke AdMob’s TOS. The admob instructions on the wiki mentions this in a few places: Integrating ads using Google AdMob [GDevelop wiki]

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I just deleted my admob account and removed all ads from my game… idk it didnt tell me that anywhere sadly

Is it safer to use banners? cuz im not 100% sure how to make the reward video work properly … with a “clicker game”…

The big red section on the wiki for admob (screenshot below) tells you this explicitly. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of other options.

The only ad system in the engine is Admob, so unfortunately I can’t really give you any other guidance.

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I put “at scene start” enable test mode… im not sure sorry just a lovely crossroad