Adsmob don't work either on ide and in the android apk

i have tryed to integrate the adsmob without success!

i have putted in as the object the adsmob frame…then i have attached in the layer…then i have putted in the game event the basics event…preload interstitial…show banner ads on the restart of game… i have only test in the test option…not in real deploy
Can you…gdevelop5 team…fix this bug?? thanks a lot…
lestroso :blush:

Did you try the steps in this post?
I have never used this feature so I fear that I can’t help you any further.

that post are very old…
can somebody help me?
is there someone who use it??

some fresh examples???

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yeah I tried that yesterday and I got no ads showing, it could be admob too, maybe I should have used code from an existing game, takes 48 hours for admob to index new games. Try using a code from an existing game. I’m going to try that now too.

Ok…so it’s not my fault…it’s Gdevelop5 that don’t work with AdsMob…

So dear team Gvevelo5p can you investigate and solve this problem??? thanks a lot in advance!!!

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Lestroso :cry:

Confirmed, admob not working for version 5. I rolled out two updates on two different games. it’s a no go. I should mention too that I’m doing the manual export and creating the APK with PhoneGap. That shouldn’t be an issue I don’t think.

Have you tried it, guys?:

Just fired up a new test, XDK added the plugin, here is the link to the plugin

open XDK and add the plugin manually. Exported the project and uploaded to Adobe PhoneGap to create the APK.
That should work. Waiting for the update on the app, sometimes the googleplay store takes up to 12 hours to update
but most times it shows up with an hour or two.

Here the test game it should show ads once version 3 is updated

Sparkman, could you please make a tutorial on your channel on how to add (ad mob) from gdevelop 5 ? love your tutorails btw .

yeah, it’s the last video I posted in my channel: :laughing:

Oh very cool … thanks sparkman .
1- So all i have to do is to make the game .
2- Upload it to google play .
3- Go to admob and search for the app .
4- Add the app then add a ad unit (btw what is ad unit? and how does it work ?) .
5-Then make admob banner in my game (which scene do i put the banner ? does it matter at all ?)
6- Add the number from ad unit .
7- And then what ? do i update the app and upload it again and if so… how to do that ?

Thanks a lot for helping out .

neh, I just added an existing code from another game lol but yes you can upload your game first and wait till it shows up
in admob. You can test locally it too, the ads should show up without having to upload to le googleplay store.

Lol . Ok but this is cool right ?
I can take it from another game or wait . Is there a different ?
Nice i will definitely try it locally first .