Advanced conditions

Me again, sorry :slight_smile:
(My) GD crashes instantly after adding an advanced condition and attach another condition in it.

Could you send me your project and tell me which conditions I should add? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t check it properly, I thought it was easily replicable (it isn’t).
GD crashes in any project:
-You have to add any condition (test variable, object’s propertie, key pressed, etc.) in an event.
-After adding the condition, in the same event, add an advanced condition (AND, NOT, OR).
-Drag the first condition in the advanced one… crash!

GD doesn’t crash if you:
-Add the “ordinary” condition and the advanced one in two separate events.
-Create the advanced condition first and then the other one.
-Dragging the “ordinary” condition to somewhere else in the event and then attaching it properly… so it will not stop me :wink:

It seems to crash if the action “add an advanced condition” is followed by the action “drag a condition from the same event to the advanced condition”