Adventure Platformer Pixel Art Asset

Adventure Platformer Pixel Art Asset Inspired By Indiana Jones Franchise!
For 2.99$ here:
Video about the set:

What you get:
-Animated Player Character 32x32 (Idle and Run (With and without torch), Damage, Rope Climbing)
-Animated Boss/Arch Enemy Character 40x40 (Idle, Run, Damage, Attack 48x40)
-Animated Gorilla 48x48 (Idle And Throwing Bananas)
-Player Dialog Faces 48x56 (Neutral, Angry, Confused, Slick, Miserable, Laugh)
-Boss/Arch Enemy Dialog Faces 48x56 (Neutral, Defeated, Slick, Smile)
-Mountain View 400x240 & Cave 48x48 Backgrounds
-Platform Tiles 16x16
-And More!

-All Images Are In PNG Format
-individual And Sprite Sheet Images


You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

Looks awesome. Keep it going!

I don’t see the ground tile as individual image but only on the sprite sheet. Probably this is how you been using.
I think you should make all the tiles available on a single sprite sheet and also as individual images.
Also, I think you should keep the content separated in to different folders. Instead of mixing everything inside a single folder called Tiles_and_Other, how about have Tiles with only tiles and assets to build levels inside, both sprite sheet and individual images
Characters with further folders inside for multiple types of characters like the geek, gorilla, boss and player and again include animations on a single sprite sheet and also as individual images.

It is not too bad as it is not a whole lot of content, but in case there would be tons of assets just in case none artist people buy it I would recommend to have them well organised and separated in to different folders even if you put only a single image in to a folder. And then include them as both sprite sheets and individual images to make everyone happy however they plan to use it :slight_smile:

I really hope to see more I like the style a lot.

First of all, I assume you bought my art so thank you a lot! Even one sold set means a lot to me, so again, Thank you ddabrahim!
Good advices and feedback! I need to take advantage of your advice when I release the next assets!

Btw. You have been using longer so do you know the reason why I can’t find this project when I try to find it using search? Seems like it’s hidden.
Edit. Okay I can find it now. Maybe they just reviewed it just now. Don’t know how it works in Itch :smiley:

It might need few hours to update the database and sort ranks and staff.
It comes up as the very first result now when I search for platformer pixel art:
From my experience is extremely search friendly inside and outside the store. Your asset pack will be among the first results for at least a few days I guess, and then may fall behind new and more popular content but overall I find doing a really good job to help content creators make their content visible in the store at least for the first few days and then everything depends on how popular it become and the flags too of course.

Okay, I see.
Yeah I just found out minute ago, but thanks for answering tho!

Also if you search by category among the latest content, it is comes up first at the moment: