Advice for Scheduling and Estimating Development Time

It’s all in the title. It’s not that I felt demotivated, but as an inexperienced lone wolf it’s hard to estimate progress.

Planning is harsh : it depends on the time you spend every day on a project, the conception, your skills facing your ambition, there is no rule !

But a good start is conception : Write everything you want to make, then divide it into tasks and regroup the tasks by theme/skills/etc. Once you have a clear vision of all aspects and tasks, define priorities over groups of tasks, and subtasks, and then, only, start to develop.

What i describe here is really basic project management, but don’t demotivate : making a game on solo is hard and time consuming, but the reward is great ! Even if at the end the game is bad, you’ll learn a lot, and enhance your scheduling and management for the future, and not only with game development ! Time estimation only come with experience.

Thank you for the tips. It’s pretty much the advice I read on Reddit. It’s really good and detailed and gives a clear idea of what to do, though I feel I’ll spend at least 2 days planning the finer, detailed schedule I need to estimate a launch date. Reddit link I refer to: … vated_and/

Launching the game is the only reward I look for at this point :laughing: