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Hello, I’ve been using a variety of coding tools from Amos to blitz basic to game maker studio to pico 8, tic 80 and many more, but I’ve decided I want to get away from writing code and move to a non coding engine.

After much research my decision is down to Gdevelop and Clickteam Fusion 2.5

I am posting here asking for a little info to make my final choice.

Looking at both, fusion looks very dated compared to Gdevelop but I royally hate subscription based software (I want to buy and own it, not rent it) So fusion has the advantage here as it’s a single price. pay once and forget!

Are there any options on making one payment for Gdevelop? even if it’s like $200+ a one off payment is far far better than paying monthly. Do you have any options for that?

My other question is:- is there a way of making smooth and complex paths for enemy sprites to follow? ie attack waves in a shoot em up.

Thank you for your time

There is no option for one time purchsse, and as far as I know, no plans to offer one.

That said, keep in mind the subscription is only for functionality from the external online services (not part of the engine), turning off the loading screen logo via the GUI, or the separate mobile app.

With the above in mind, without a sub you can build your games without limitations locally on your computer, turn off the loading screen via modifying your exported source code, and use the web app even on mobile.

The sub is to help fund further development by the GDevelop company, but is not a requirement for using the engine.

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Thanks for that. Okay, I’m guessing I can like pay for 6 months or a year and then cancel (until it runs out) so that’s the plan.

I do have one more question, is there a way of making small windows .exe files?
I ask because tonight I’ve done a very small test program which just moved a square around the screen but when I exported it and the resulting file was over 120mb which is quite astonishing! (the same program exported in fusion is under 2mb) - I’m sorry for using fusion but it’s the only thing I have that I can compare with.

So if there’s a way of making much smaller exe files then I plan on paying for a few months and seeing how it goes.


Electron (the software used to turn the output project javascript code into an exe) takes uo around 80-100mb. that will roughly always be the minimum size.

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I see, thank you.

Would there be other software (paid or free) that would make a smaller exe file from the gdevelop file?

Not that I know of. You need to use Electron, and electron will always have that minimum size.

You could try to compile using other software (Tauri, as an example), but you’d need to modify your source code and you will lose electron specific functionality (any of the fullscreen/windowed/window control events are electron specific). It might reduce your size slightly.

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Thank you for answering my questions, i’m done now. :slight_smile: