Advices and tips to make money with your gdevelop game

Hi everybody, I discover this program like 1 month ago, and i have an idea of a game, i have nearly all programed, now i need to create the stages (100), something like puzzle and platform, hope it goes to somewhere.
I see a lot of succes games, and most of them are stupid, or crazy simple, like this bird that has to jump through two pipes (flappy bird), or all the candy crush saga, super simple and totally copied from other old games like some special tetris or yoshi coockie…
Knowing this, with gdevelop you are able to create a success game without any problem, it’s just time, marketing, a nice idea and a little luck, always luck :laughing: .
I suppose the facebook share, google adwords, and play store are 3 very powerfull tools to arrive to the final customers…
Anyone of the forum has advices, ideas, or wanna share his own experience about it?
Thanks a lot.

I completely agree. I hate flappy bird and it’s clones. But worst of them is that recycled gem swapping junk started by “Bejeweled”. I think developers could have had a little more imagination right? I haven’t published anything on the store yet, but usually (As far as android games go.) Usually puzzle and racing games appear to do best. I’ll bet your on the right track with a puzzle game. I hope you do well! :smiley:

yes you are right the games like flappy bird is totally dumb and useless and only takes a day or two to make in Gdevelop.

The developer of Flappy bird had released many games before making flappy bird and he already had exprience that how to market a game and how to grow it. Flappy bird makes about 50,000 $ a day at it’s peak days it’s a huge huge success of that dull game

I also made game in gdevelop “Yellow Adventure” also avaliable on android play store … wadventure

Disclaimer: I haven't released any serious / successful game yet (and probably will never), everything below is based on hearsay

It is very importat to build a fanbase already before the game is finished. One should create an account on as many indie game sites like IndieDB as possible and provide frequent updates about the state of development with screenshots and videos.
When your game is ready for release post the release date a couple of days before to grow tension.
If you plan to put your game on Play Store be sure to post a direct link to your game on all of your devlogs. Otherwise players who even explicitly search for the title of your game will find it on the third page or even further.
It seams to be very important to gain a lot of players right after the game is published in order to move it up the search pages not even speaking of the front page.
I guess it would also be helpful to publish a ‘light’ version of your game on kongregate and post a link to the full version on your own website. If you go the “html5 only” way you should try to draw the player away from from sites like kongregate where you only get 50% at most of the revenue and to your own website. I guess it is way more profitable to forget about the 15% extra shared revenue you would get for exclusively posting your game on kongregate and better spread it over as many flashgame sites as possible. If your game is a little successful there is also the possibillity to let it get sponsored by kongregate, newgrounds and the like. I have heard they pay quite well.

Thanks for your advices friends. I think on a puzzle game because of the limitation with a mobile, and thinking that most of the players will use mobile, not computer. I really hope the game goes somewhere, it hasn’t a shocking graphics (i’m working alone)… XD but the idea of the game is nice, and if the levels present some dificult it could work, the biggest problem will be the marketing :laughing: will see it in a future, hope not to far :sunglasses: . As soon as it has a little better form i’ll follow your advice Wendigo and i’ll try to make some marketing in kongregate