After go online with GD app events and actions change!?

I have problem with online using GD…When I use GD offline and make my projects, everything is OK, but immediately I connect to the Internet my events and my actions change!..I face that problem very long!..Day before yesterday I made one project and project worked properly, but I was offline, and suddenly yesterday I run project when I was online and I got update on GD, and after that my events changed and my actions too…So that I was forced to do it again from the beginning!..I am Mac user I have set high security on my Mac, so there it can not be that I am hacked, it seems to me that I was sabotaged by GD…Because all my projects in other apps are intact!..How much I could understand that is some kind of GD sabotage maybe to get us some kind subscription or who knows what owner of GD desire?..

Because it is not the first time that such things happened to me…How is possible that my saved project can be changed just when I am online?..I am really scared to run my projects online, because it always changes without my actions and without my knowledge!!!

To be even more precise…Two days ago I made one project offline and project was completely OK, tested many times,…And yesterday I just run GD online where I got new update, and after that all my events and actions where messed up…And as I said before, it is not first time…It looks like GD do it with some purpose!..

I really do not understand, but if GD sabotage people for some sick reasons it is very sad!!!..

Please guys share your experiences, and tell me if someone face similar problems with GD …???

P.S. Very suspicious!!!



Hello :wave:

I never have heard of internet connection breaking projects, could you please try to make a small demo project, and save it before and after it being broken by the internet connection and send both versions to us so that we know what has been broken?

That is very naive, anyone can be hacked, you can change all the settings you want, no computer is invulnerable. Nonetheless, if you were hacked, that’s not the kind of stuff that would happen. Why would anyone hack you, and if they did why would they do it just to mess up your gdevelop project files?

Now that’s just a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

  1. Why would the devs do this? GDevelop subscriptions don’t provide “no break guarantee” or anything like that, just the removal of the GDevelop logo on the loading screen and more automatic builds. Randomly breaking projects wouldn’t make people buy subscriptions, it would make them stop using the software. Why would the devs want less users, especially if it means less subscribers?

  2. How would they do that? The project is open source, you can read the whole code, and every time someone makes a change to the source code, it is added at the top of the list of changes so it isn’t possible to make a change go unnoticed. Surely, if something like this had been added, someone would have noticed?

Hello arthuro…

I know that anyone can be hacked, but thing is that I have so many projects in CAD, Xcode, Visual studio etc…Never one single thing was changed, but in GD it happens to be…I have faced that problem more than one year, I am forced to copy each project to three different locations just in a case that project get changed while I am online…

I know that my story sound silly or like some kind imagination or conspiracy, but trust me it is true…I was never and ever have some security problems with my PC’s in whole my life…No one single file was missing, and no one line of code was changed in large projects in another applications, but in GD that happened to me many times!..Even tonight after I placed topic on forum I found GD application open in background without opening that by myself…I know that sound unbelievable, but trust me that is fact…Suddenly I noticed that GD app is open and I did not opened that since today afternoon…Last time I opened GD app was late afternoon and I saved updates in project, closed app and I did not use it at all later…

My idea is that such things can do just someone who created that application, I mean GD…

P.S. I do not accuse anyone, I just guess!!!
P.P.S. I know that my story sound is like science fiction, but thing is that I have such experience with GD!..



So that we can actually help, you need to move past the “GDevelop is trying to do something suspicious” statements or else you’re not going to find much help here.

As mentioned, all of the code is public, you can go compile it yourself to be sure.

That said, to help with your current issue, you will need to provide a small example project that you can reproduce the problem in. Provide it as a zip file or hosted on Github so that we can review it and can perhaps provide guidance.

  • Web-app

The web-app version of GDevelop exists as a demo and does not support everything correctly. That’s why there is a message when the web-app is loaded.
If you use it the problem occurs when you go from offline to online.
Especially because the caching and saving system isn’t fully done and doesn’t save your changes when you are offline.

  • Desktop

If you are using the desktop version and your project is saved in a folder like OneDrive, Google Drive desktop or another cloud service folder there are similar problems because GDevelop can’t write in cloud folders.

GDevelop is used by thousands and thousands of users.
You are for the moment the only one we know of who has a problem of “automatic launch” that doesn’t exist btw with GDevelop.

As mentioned above the source code is open and developers can’t integrate anything because everything is checked, reviewed and approved before being in the next update.

Actually, the other day my firewall did notify me GDevelop would like to receive an incoming connection but GDevelop was not running. I have denied the request and blocked GDevelop in my firewall settings to never allow incoming connection from anywhere. Just few days before that, it was also requesting permission to monitor keyboard input when running in the background and I was doing nothing but normal level editing and suddenly got a warning GD would like to monitor keyboard input. I have denied that request too and blocked GDevelop to never allow it to monitor keyboard input.

Since then, everything works normal, I have no idea what it was, why GDevelop would ever want to receive any incoming connection and monitor keyboard input in the background. Maybe there is a valid explanation, I really don’t know but since I’m wondering if there is a back door open in GDevelop somewhere and someone knows about it? It doesn’t have to be 4ian, it could be anyone. GDevelop doesn’t even have to be the target just the libs and API’s it using. Could Electron have a back door maybe or the analytics API or else? I really don’t know. Maybe it is nothing to worry about. No idea.

Hm, if that happens to you too that does sound worrisome. We probably need to look if any of our IDE dependencies haven’t been poisoned.
@4ian What do you think about this?

Hope this helps, in Mac Gevelop must be added as unidentified developer
You need to add this and create a new link to launch the app
Some times you nedd to add an exception in GateKeeper too.

Can you all confirm the version of GDevelop you’re using? Check About GDevelop dialog.

There should not be any risk of backdoors as we’re checking all dependencies/code review everything including extensions, and auto update is working with GitHub releases.
On the other hand, I encourage you to check that your system is not compromised (typically, if you’ve installed a software to watch illegal streaming movies, you’re almost certainly compromised) and that you always download GDevelop from the official website.

It may be possible that a malware would inject code inside GDevelop webview or something like this.

Let me know

I’m running beta108. I don’t have any illegal staff installed and I always download everything from the official website but even then I always verify the checksum when available and also on VirusTotal before I open anything. I also don’t have any Chrome extensions installed or any kind of networking tool. I don’t have any other signs, symptoms of being compromised, it was just this one time with GD but I have no problem since.

Ok! Note that when running a network preview, it’s normal for GD to ask for receiving incoming connections because of the built-in server.
For keyboard input that’s strange, though might be related to different things.
Let me know if this reproduce.

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I am sorry for so late reply, that is Japan life…I really could not respond earlier…

After reading all comments you guys wrote I really cleared my thoughts, because now I see that my thoughts went in very wrong direction ,full of suspicions…That was wrong!..I am really sorry for that because I really did not intend to accuse anyone, even everything I wrote is was just guess, it was not correct!..I am ashamed even for thinking that way, because I really think that GD community is great!

I use GD app for Mac (5.0. - beta108)…I do not have any illegal software on my Mac…For watching movies I use only Amazon Prime just for kids…So there is low risk to get some hack problems on my computer. If I was hacked other things would be also messed up, but other things on my computer are intact…

After reading your comments and specially what Bough wrote, it reminded me that I was disabled auto save option in GD because I was thinking at the beginning that maybe autosave option make problems in my GD app. But after disabling that option nothing changed. Thing that I want to say is, if you guys want to investigate where is problem I think that you need to check if is there any issue with saving project on Mac GD app, I think that is right direction…

Some GD suspicious behavior like ddabrahim faced I never had…

Best regards,