After uploading my web build, is it safe to delete the ZIP file and normal file?

Hello, I’m considering uploading my game to itch, and I’m curious if after I do that am I able to safely delete the ZIP file and non-ZIP file on my desktop of the game. I’m not entirely sure if this is the right category for this question.

Its fine to ask here :stuck_out_tongue:

If what your asking is, if you delete the zip file on your computer, will it mess with your game in… no it wont.

Once uploaded, theres no connection between the two, you can delete, change it, what ever you want, it will do nothing to your uploaded file or game.

Its kinda like, writing a letter, making a copy and then mailing the copy, you can burn the original, but the copy is still in the mail unchainged :stuck_out_tongue: