Agent Falcon - Demo version (3D stealth shooter)

Hey there ladies and gents,

So Im releasing the demo version of my latest project: Agent Falcon.

This is my first time using the 3d extension.

You are taking on the role of Theo Falcon, a secret agent who has the objective to infiltrate and take out a secret society which has taken control of the city and keeps citizens quarantined.

Sneak, shoot, place mines, explore using your drone and solve puzzles. The levels are designed to be 3d sandboxes in where you decide how to complete the objective.

Let me know if you like the concept, the way it plays and looks and if you encounter any bugs. Suggestions and cool ideas are also welcome!


Im curious what you guys think.

  • I fixed some collission bugs with the bullets, that should work a bit better now.

  • I also made notifications appear for when you pick up certain items or perform certain actions to make the player understand better.

Looks like a really good idea (I am on a tablet though, and cannot play). My only nitpick is that the trees and the people are just 2D images that move towards the camera. The trees from your image look a bit wrong, facing upward. Other than that, I would love to try the game.

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Yes GDevelop 3d does have some limitations here and there.

I would love to get some feedback on this one. The first few levels are playable including a training mission to learn the basics. I also added sounds and other details that should make a better experience for the player.

hello there Tommy,
Nice work so far! Unfortunately I don’t have much capacity to play it properly, but I noticed several things:

  • You can try Pandako’s mouse lock extension to make sure the mouse doesn’t go outside the play area. The mouse is too sensitive currently.

  • Many textures are not scaled properly. In your images, the brick below the dead guard looks blurry; the windows of each building looks different…
    Proportion can be tedious, but the mismatched sizes of the textures really took off my immersion.
    Alternatively, you might want to try unsmoothing your textures and see if it fixes the uncanny feeling.

  • Have you tweaked the camera’s far clipping (draw distance)? It was running a little slowly, and providing users with different draw distance options will help boost their FPS a lot.

  • The “spotted” bar could probably be more obvious. The only indication that you are currently being spotted is if you were watching the bar go up.
    Here is an example from Payday 2, this meter appears around your crosshair (center of screen) when you are being spotted and dissapears otherwise.

If you don’t plan to make the “spotted” dissapear over time, then you can also try making the bar a different color when you are actively being spotted.

Well, that’s all the feedback I have for now.
Please don’t feel discouraged - your game will be a lot better with polish.
Thanks for reading!

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Thank you reina for the feedback, it is awesome. I already used alot of it to improve the game. Im playing around with the draw distance to make it run smoother, I have implemented an alert sign when you are detected by a guard, and am replacing some of the textures. I cant get the mouse to be less sensitive yet.

Kind regards,

So an update here:

I have added a few new missions and also added the mission select option. I have upgraded the visuals and also quite alot of small things to make it run better such as the draw distance and some collission changes.

Mission 6 has a new type of enemy, armed guards who shoot at you. Mission 4 and 5 feature ways to distract guards and mission 5 even has a second floor.

Though im far from done I really like what its becoming and am open for mission suggestions, ideas and tips.

I am really curious to know what you guys think of the current missions.


Hi tommy, sorry for the necro.
I just tried it, will start with what I liked first.
I didn’t really play since I don’t stealth games anymore, but I explored a bit using the level select. Thanks!

It’s really funny how small the people are in comparison to literally everything. I understand though, it would be pretty scary if the level was scaled to a real hotel size lol

The drone is actually a pretty neat feature, it’s a lot more interesting than just having a radar of the enemies and creeping up from walls.

The cutscene for the train level is amazing! I hope I can make something cool like that too.

Even if the trick is quote obvious, I still like it :sweat_smile: I’m amazed parallax sprite can happen in 3D too.

Sweet! Development leftover content. I didn’t expect to find it, but it’s a nice surprise : D

Oh wow, a forest! Transparent textures, that’s something I’ve never tried. It’s simple but it does give the level much needed depth than just square models.

As for the feedback,
Level 2 is even laggier than I remember.
There is a very simple bug where if you press Escape, the mouse will never lock on again. You might be able to solve it by making a pause menu. Also the mouse lock extension should activate earlier?
You could really try making an options with graphics settings to change the draw distance & fog. Or maybe it’s just that level, the others are not so bad.
The mouse is also needs a sensitivity tweak ability.
The drone does not behave same as the player’s moment when turning mouse, which feels strange since it’s not consistent.
The outdoor levels will look a lot better with a skybox, if you continue making games definitely try including them. Even cloudy weather can have variety.

As always I mean these feedback as encouragement, really enjoyed looking through your work since I can’t seem to finish my own 3D game. I hope you are doing well these days!

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