Aliens From Above - Android Update

Aliens From Above has been updated to Android!

You can check the current state here: Aliens From Above - Playtest 03

I recorded the gameplay with my phones mic so you can hear a bit of mashing in the audio. Sorry about that. Also the screen recorder and game working at the same time decreased a lot of the framerate.
Played and screen recorded on a Moto G6 Plus

The idea behind it is to have the action of “Heart of Darkness” with the stealth of “Metal Gear Solid”

Story: A kid is abducted by aliens. He wakes up in an alien cell and has to escape the alien spaceship while gathering alien weapons and powers that will help him on his mission. There will also be secondary objectives like saving other abducted humans that may help him out.

At the moment the game features:

Enemy AI influenced by stealth and beat’em’up games
Alien Gun/Sword
Stealth oriented: Enemy field of view, crouching, Surveillance Cameras, hiding in a box (MGS style), Hiding in airducts
Action oriented: Double Jump, fighting, shooting, alien powers, throwing grenades, Special Powers
Interactive Objects: Toilet, Elevator, Ladder, Laser Gates, Aliens
Aliens/Traps: Stealth Alien, Beat’em’up Alien, Bouncy Alien, Bear Trap, Acid Pool, Drone
Pickups: Ammo, Grenades, Gun
Camera: Zoom In/Out, follows player
Teleport Pod (Go to the next level)
Particle System: Blood, Lasers, Toilet water (work in progress - seems a bit heavy on the engine)


Well, I find this game really well done and very interesting!
It is also true that I particularly like platform games.
Really good!
Good continuation.

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Thanks Amigo54 :slight_smile:

Use some lerp() to make the camera smoother, but aside from that, great work :clap:

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Thanks for the tip! Going to try it! :slight_smile:

I tried it and OMG! The difference! It is so much better! Thanks so much for the tip!

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