Aliens From Above

Current State Video:

Here is a demo of my current project :slight_smile:

This games idea is supposed to have the feel of “heart of darkness” with the sneaking action of “metal gear solid”

Only the characters and traps are completed. I used a background I found on the internet just for testing purposes. I am currently building the spaceship interior where all the action is going to take place.

Still a really early project but I hope you like it

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Pretty polished for a work-in-progress game, the animations are very smooth! :slight_smile:

It already seems pretty fun to play, keep it up :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m a 2d animator so this software was perfect for me to create a game without having to learn how to code. :smiley:

I’m having some problems though like this one where my character doesn’t grab the ledges:
Not sure what I am doing wrong…

I have searched half of the internet for answers or a project where I can see the grabbing the ledge “code” and still no clue on what is happening.

this looks amazing!! love the background, i’m hoping to learn to do something similar, any suggestions for a good tutorial online? the animations and actions are great! this clears a lot of the worries i had about gdevelop limitations!! awesome

Thanks a lot! :smiley: Glad you liked it!
About the tutorials there are few out there. One of them helped me to figure out how to control the camera though it talks about the parallax of the background. I think it was this one: (It is in Gdevelop 4 but the logic was the same on GDevelop 5)

Much of my “code” I figured out by myself because I didn’t find anything on youtube.
If you want I can send you parts of it that you need for your game, like camera movement or character animations, etc. Or the whole code if I figure out how to :stuck_out_tongue: Just ask me through pm

hi, really cool. Animations are smooth. Keep on with the good job :sunglasses:

Thanks xisco :slight_smile: Glad you liked it!! I will try to have the first level made in a couple of months

Current state of the game: GDEVELOP 5 Game - Aliens From Above - Playtest 02 - YouTube

It now features:
Enemy AI influenced by stealth and beat’em’up games
Alien Gun/Sword
Stealth oriented actions: crouching, hiding in a box (MGS style)
Action oriented: Double Jump, fighting, shooting, alien powers
Interactive Objects: Toilet, Elevator, Ladder, Laser Gates
Pickups: Ammo, Grenades, Gun
Camera: Zoom In/Out, follows player

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