Allow opacity change on Object and Instance through the Scene Panels

Would be a great QoL Introducing a feature in GDevelop that allows adjusting the opacity of objects directly from the instance panel in the editor would have several benefits:

  1. Event savings: It would eliminate the need for separate events to handle object opacity, thus reducing the amount of necessary code and simplifying the development process.

  2. Performance improvement: By reducing the number of events needed to handle object opacity, there could be an improvement in game performance, especially in scenarios with a large number of objects.

  3. Simplified visual management: It would allow developers to adjust object opacity directly from the editor, providing a more intuitive and visual interface for managing graphical effects.

  4. Ease of tween usage: It would streamline the implementation of tweens for object opacity, as developers wouldn’t have to manually set object opacity in events before applying tweens.

  5. Enhanced creative control: It would enable developers to more easily experiment with visual effects, allowing them to adjust object opacity in real-time directly from the editor.

In summary, introducing a feature to adjust object opacity directly from the GDevelop editor would improve development efficiency, game performance, and ease of use for developers, allowing them to focus more on creativity and the gaming experience.


I agree that it would be beneficial to add the option to adjust the object’s opacity, as well as the ability to flip both horizontally and vertically, and the option to change the hue. Sometimes, it’s necessary for our object to assume a specific color and also to have adjustable transparency.


I Agree, the instance panel can be full of QoL stuff, sadly with the new update we didn’t saw a lot of stuff, just a graphic change. The big issue about these things is the fact we don’t know when these updates will come.

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Development note: the instance panel scope for the change was visual based only from the beginning.
Indeed “just” adding a new functionality to the panel takes more time to launch since such feature could reflect on the panel, but impact other things that are invisible to the naked eye. As you can imagine, engineers have to think of all the “what if the user does this or that, and how would that choice impact the current system” and build for each of those cases. That is why the panel change was visual only, and focused on the values that already existed without any addition. :slight_smile:

As for visibility of the upcoming features, I agree that it could be clearer. For now there are 2 ways that you can know what can come in the future:

  1. Seeing the topics of the “Feature request” tagged with “Feature in Backlog” or “Feature under Review” on the titles.
  2. Seeing and participating on my recruiting messages on Discord and/or the Forum looking for testers for the features/optims to come. :slight_smile:

Regarding the request I want to be sure:

  • Do you want to change the opacity of the objet through the instance panel?
    If that’s the case, then maybe the feature should be: “Change object opacity” (since you can open the object edition through the instance panel), OR
  • Change the instance opacity only?


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thanks Luni, as always you are clear and concise, I don’t hide my disappointment regarding the lack of features, but I’m sure you are working hard in the implementation of these features, my off-topic advice is to take up the Trello Roadmap which seems like a a little too abandoned because I believe it is the unknown future that increases our bitterness.

Returning to the opacity feature, I would prefer it to be in the instance rather than in the object, so I would have more control in the scene, while in the object I would have to jump from one menu to another to see what degree of opacity would be best, also in the instances would be even better so we have more control over individual instances and we could use the “If object opacity = X” condition more easily


Alright, so I’ll change the title to make clear that you’d like to have object and instance opacity. :slight_smile:

As for the product backlog, lemme make some research on how we can “automate” this. The trello maintenance is currently made by hand, which is one of the causes it is outdated.

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