Almost all my games and templates and extensions rejected

I don’t want to offend anyone but that’s what I think right now I’m super pissed off.
Just saying this is not a community, try this is Bouh, Arturo and some other guys who rules over everyone.
God I’m really unhinged
Later almost all the user that seen my work says good, job keep going, you’re amazing
Hours and hours of code to help and try to promote the good engine that GDevelop is and the this kind of things really driving me crazy.


Looks like it really pissed you off :worried:.

:frowning: please don’t get discouraged probably have to go through with one of the reviewers and fix some code but you’ve probably already done that .

Remember that Ian even gave you a thumbs up for your contributions, but i have no idea about the how the examples are accepted

Just curious, would you mind sharing some specifics why is your examples rejected?
Maybe need some design guidelines for contributors how to go about structuring their projects, events assets…etc.

Nevermind, I did find the repo on GitHub and did have a look at some of the reviews, not just yours.

I did not see any guidelines anywhere. is there any guidelines? I can see submissions were repeatedly rejected for the following (valid) reasons:

  • organize each content type in to separate folders like hud, fonts, music, collectables…etc
  • make sure to remove unused resources
  • make sure example , templates include only those mechanics that is necessary for the example and template to function (for example if you want to demonstrate how to do triple jump in a platformer, do not include enemies and coins to collect)
  • make sure to use tiled sprite and panel sprite instead of sprite object instances when you want to repeat the same sprite in a row or column (for example when you make ground and wall)
  • make sure to use event groups instead of nested events

I personally disagree with the following reasons to reject:

  • use state machines active, died, paused
  • turn on default controls in the platformer behavior
  • I don’t suggest having a splash screen
  • I don’t think the prefix obj is required for all the objects and gs prefix for variables

And the following require more explanation from the reviewer or a guideline to explain it:

  • Replace long expression with ‘something’
  • Make events more structured
  • color the event groups better
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Oh it’s okay ddabrahim don’t bother I won’t try again, I’ll make my templates and upload them to or and that’s it.

I only do this as a hobby and in case it can help others learn how to do this or that thing.

It really puts me in a very bad mood that in a community you can’t have a voice or vote, but hey, what is there if I don’t like it, I can go to Godot or Game Maker, right?
Edit: Do you really think none of this is worth to be included, none of one

Hey @UlisesFreitas, first let me say that I’m very sorry you feel like this.

In the future we’ll have a more “liberal” approach to the examples/extensions by allowing everyone to publish content as they like :slight_smile:
For now we’re still trying to review everything to ensure a very high quality for all extensions/examples/assets. This means tons of work - and the more complex your examples are, the more work it is to ensure everything is done perfectly :wink:

I understand this feels very frustrating - even if again this done so that every example is a perfect example of the good practices in GDevelop. We even prefer something simpler than something a bit too complicated for now. Same thing for extensions, we are very very strict for now and sometimes might say that something could be done otherwise - it’s not to discourage you, but to progressively add extensions that will be considered almost perfect.

I can suggest you could publish your examples on something like in addition to submit them to the team on the example repository :slight_smile: You could do the same for extensions too.
Again I’m very sorry because I’m a big fan of what you’re doing - and the rest of the community too (everyone - literally everyone I spoke too - is impressed by what you’re doing).

Happy to discuss about how we can improve this!

EDIT: note that on the example/extensions, we’re severly “understaffed” in the sense that there is too much things submitted to review! Trying our best. Please ping again on your issue if you want me to take a look or ask for people to review it.


Maybe it is worth to put a link to this guide:

On this GitHub page:

The GitHub page basically says:

  1. create game
  2. set name
  3. export
  4. submit

While there is a whole bunch of requirements mentioned in the guide on the wiki :grin:

Indeed that’s a good idea. It’s true that it’s not very visible and requirements on GitHub were not up to date at all! I’ve by the way reworked a bit this page, and it is now linked on GitHub - GDevelopApp/GDevelop-examples :slight_smile:

Also added a comment explaining that review can take time and that you can “ping” on an issue if it’s taking too long to be reviewed - in which case we’ll try to help!

Whilst I am sure everyone appreciates the examples you have made UlisesFreitas, It only makes sense that the team would have to curate projects requesting to be official examples.

These are often the first things people try, or are advised to review when asking how to do X. This means they have to be held to a much higher standard, otherwise it could lead people starting gdevelop with bad habits/practices, errors, etc.

I agree with ddabrahim with adding that info, maybe even a template/example of how an example should be (groups, assets, couple of objects/variables, etc).
It might even be a good idea to explain that whilst you can post examples on the forums, itch, etc. To be officially added as an example, the project must match the criteria outlined.

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I like the idea of having a standard to maintain, even if it causes some frustration. By maintaining a standard that is applied across the examples, new GDevleop users should find it easier to understand what’s going on in the examples. It also encourages the best practice for GDevelop by way of example, which itself lends to less bugs, easier to maintain code and more optimal performance. So I feel loosening this standard could, over time, be detrimental to the usage GDevelop.

Would having 2 tiers of examples be a potential solution? One tier consisting of GDevelop sanctioned/approved/reviewed examples, and another tier of examples that aren’t, or haven’t yet been, reviewed by GDevelop, but are still valued in that they exhibit or present techniques to learn from?

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The idea of 4ian is not to loosen the standards, but to allow anyone to publish anything to the community if they do wish. It’s about making a sort of marketplace that everyone can publish to, for free or for a price.

The peer reviewed and polished examples/extensions would be marked as GDevelop approved/featured and put forward to allow the quality content to still be pushed forward, without forcing people to comply if they do not wish to. Pretty much what you refer to in the last part of your post.

Note that we do not really have a set of clear standards yet, so those reasons may be subjective to whoever chose to review it, and may not be reasons approved by everyone else including the GDevelop Team. They should also not be considered strict rejections but more like suggestion since anyone (except the submitter) can review anything.

Just as I have complained and got angry I also have to admit that all the active members of the community have helped me to be able to have at least one of my games within the GDevelop examples.

I must also say that the documentation for the new sample uploads has also been updated and added to GitHub which I had not seen at all before submitting my examples. Guide for submitting examples · Issue #76 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-examples · GitHub

It is normal that if we do not know what are the guidelines for uploading an example because we can not know if what we are doing is right or wrong.

In any case, I thank all those who have helped me with this issue.

Seriously thank you very much people, I’m sorry I lost my temper that way.
@4ian @Bouh @arthuro555 @Silver-Streak @Midhil and everyone involved.


Happy that this is solved for now :slight_smile: At least we now have proper guidelines for submitting examples, which is always a good thing to have.

There is still work to continue reviewing other examples (again, very fan of what you’re doing in general, it’s great to have these in GDevelop) and evolve the library toward something were it’s easier to share in a few click something (and still have review for the “featured”/“highlighted” examples :slight_smile: ).


Don’t get down or pissed, time shows greatness or weakness, without the needs of submitted or not submitted stuffs.
You don’t need to show your skill, we already know it. Take it as reward.
Never lose your temper, you’ll regred after 5 minutes. Take it as teaching.