Alpaca Balloonza (WIP)

Hi guys, I’m working on a game called Alpaca Balloonza, in Gdevelop. It’s a work in progress… but most of the coding is already done, and there’s only a few things left to add (more levels, sounds, music, etc). I’m trying to raise support for it, I’m trying to raise support where possible! Thank you!

There’s an itchpage for it
And a kickstarter… for anyone who may be interested in supporting it.
There’s also information about it on tumblr if you have one!

When it’s done, it’ll be a free game; available for download on PC, playable on Kongregate, and hopefully for Android/iOS. If the Kickstarter is successful it’ll be on Steam, Google Play, Itunes, etc.!

If WIP aren’t supposed to go here, please let me know, and sorry for my transgression.

nothing bad as graphics, I love that map style and colors I imagine the effort to create really good shade colors, I guess behind all the designs there is to be an artist;).

I for how many hours I lose it seems to be out of the bad things;)

as soon as I can download the game.

(Sorry for my English)