'Alpes Outdoor Sports' game published!

Hi GD gurus.

I have (eventually…) finished and published my game. It is now time for me to switch to GD V5 for my next game… :blush:
MANY thanks again for the numerous people who have helped me in this forum!

Some useful links:

For the time being supported languages are English (hum… Frenglish :blush:), Danish, French. Click on the small flag at the top-left of the game to change language.
One of my Italian friends is working on creating the Italian XML file. Great!
Would somebody speak another language (German? Spanish? other?) and be kind enough to provide me with a new translated XML file:

  • Install the game on a windows PC/laptop

  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Alpes-Outdoor-Sports

  • Copy one of the 3 existing ‘AOSMessagesXX.XML’ (XX=‘DK’ for Danish, ‘GB’ for English, ‘FR’ for french) to one of your own PC directory… For example, if you kindly want to translate from English to German, copy AOSMessagesGB.xml to AOSMessagesDE.xml

  • And translate from English to German the tag belonging to all tags.

  • Send me the new translated XML file (click on the mail icon at the bottom of the alpesgames.com website). I need to do some homework (e.g. add a new flag icon, etc.) to integrate your new XML file in the next game version.

I know… they are too many messages (my Danish and Italian friends told me that already…) I swear, my next game will be less verbose…:blush: Many thanks in advance if somebody finds the time for this(those) new language(s) support…

Best Regards,

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Congrats ! it is possible to have a zip build ? this build is not working for me

Hi Slamante.

I’m puzzled… And would like to understand why it does not work for you.

When you download the exe file (which is a windows installer) from Itch.IO, it is normal windows defender (or your local anti-virus software) displays a warning message such as “Windows has protected your computer”. But if you click on the link below this message… (something like “Additional Info”), a new button should appear (something like “Execute anyway”)

If you click on that button, you should be able to launch the windows installer…

Tell me please if it works for you.

Best Regards,

PS. I’m a real beginner in Itch.io… so maybe(?) everybody using Itch.io publishes zip file instead of .exe file (which are subject to this kind of standard windows defender warnings)…

I have now uploaded on ItchIO a zipped version of the game windows installer.
So feel free to download either the .exe file or the zip file.
Thanks for your quick feedback.

Done German translation.

Hi Arthuro.
Thank you so much! Unfortunately I was away and the “Firefox Send” link has expired.
Could you either re-post it (or without any potential expiration problem…) send it to contact@alpesgames.com
Many thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

Arthur (arthuro555 in this forum) provided me with a german translation (‘AOSMessagesDE.XML’).
So now the game is available in german language as well. :blush:

MANY thanks Arthur for your very quick help on this!
PS. I wait for my Italian friend (and his own translation file ‘AOSMessagesIT.XML’) to create a new game version and to upload it to Itch-IO.
Stay tuned… @AlpesGames

It is SO COOL to see one guy (Pasha Ly… where is he located???) discovering your own game :smile:

All my 2020 wishes for the GD community and especially the creator/developers who have invented/realised this great game development platform…