Alternative Logo Design

Made an alternative GDevelop logo design for fun because i love this app :slight_smile:


Design process:


It cool
Can it b used instead of the gdevelop splash screen?

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I’ve no idea how to implement that i am just making graphics :sweat_smile:

Nice one bro💝
You are good

It looks like game maker’s logo


It does looks like game maker’s logo at first but then, i search for the meaning behind the current GDevelop logo and i found out that the G is kind of spiral. Like said in GDevelop Logo Meaning - #5 by 4ian topic that the meaning of spiral itself is a hint on how a program or a game are created by expanding and circling around from what you already have.
As you can see in my logo the G is kind of spiral only it doesn’t arching.

You make some very high quality art!

My only concern is readability. It looks like: “(cool logo) Develop”

Hi thank you.
Yes, when i made the logo i fear this too and until now it still bothering me… the current logo does still have better readability than mine.

Oh, i see… thank you for your insight. Better to avoid similar shape then right? I’ll be more careful in the future.

If it was seriously considered to replace the current logo with on of these, I like this the best.


I also like the concept of making both G and D a logo like here


But I don’t actually like the way the G looks like in this logo, maybe take the middle of the G from the first one instead.

Regarding readability it could be done like Game Maker does it to include the full name GDevelop next to the logo regardless the logo is meant to be a G.
I also agree on that the logo looks too similar to GameMaker, YoYo Games could force 4ian to change it.

You made some nice designs there, anyhow, personally I do like the original logo better, it is also original and 4ian can more likely protect his rights to use it. :+1:


Agree, the original logo is so original and can easily distinguish GDevelop from other brand. Thanks for the feedback though, this is one awesome community. :smile:


I made a tweak to one I found from 2014:




I was talking with some friends and added I was bored: made this as result.


I like a lot the animated original logo.
The GIF animation that they use as logo on the Discord are pretty cool;
it would be great to have it as a splash screen in a better quality image.