Am i able to make top down perspective games with this?

i want to make a type game but it is wasd. can i do that with GDevelop?

like with a top down perspective

Yes, this is one of the easier things you can do with gdevelop

Yeah, as Slash mentioned, top down movement is already a built-in behavior for objects. Relatively easy to deal with.

Thanks to a contributor, it also became way easier to do Isometric based movement too.

thank you. this seems to be the only place other than that can do that easily

Just to make sure we’re fully transparent:

You can absolutely make a singleplayer top down game no problem and even with just a few clicks to get a player object on the screen and have it be controlled by WASD or the arrow keys.

Multiplayer is an entirely different matter.

Peer to Peer multiplayer is possible in the engine and there’s a fantastic extension that makes it easier, but that doesn’t mean multiplayer is easy. You will still need to have some understanding of how networking works between computers and how to set up your events.

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oh. is there an extension or somehing that can set up online multiplayer like what has?