AMA event on the GDevelop discord server

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce an Ask Me Anything event on the official GDevelop discord server, with @4ian, the creator of GDevelop!
It will be in the AMA Event stage channel of the discord server, and will happen the 25th June 2021 at 16h CEST.

Prepare your questions, and see you there in 9 days!

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It is beginning! Join now with the link above :wink:

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Unfortunately I did not make it.

Can anyone tell me, where is that sound recording of the event that Bouh is talking about on Discord to be available in #general and the official Youtube channel? There is nothing there.

It sounds like 4ian announced some very important things about the future of GD, people mention things like becoming commercial with paid developers working on it or something? If that is the case, how come there is no blog post about it and a topic here on the forum)? It’s huge (if it true) and just realised there is no announcements and news section on the forum. A commercial engine going to need one :wink:


The audio is still being edited. Should be out this weekend or early next week.

My understanding is that it is less a commercial engine and more a funded foundation, similar to godot, but the transcript will make more sense/correct me if I’m wrong as I was at work at the time.

The video is being exported.
I’ll release it in the next hours, I will put the link here :wink:

Final video is 1 hours long.

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Ah I see, people mentioned “4ian start a company”. So it is a Foundation. Still, there need to be a plan to bring funds to the foundation to keep paid developers around and there should be some initial funding.
It is something Godot also struggle with, I think they have announced that some time ago they don’t currently have the funds to keep the devs around who currently maintaining different parts and ports of the engine.

Sounds great, I can’t wait to know more about the plans :slight_smile:

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Here the replay of the event.


Thanks. It was great really enjoyed it. I think it should be done frequently, maybe once every month. This direct approach to share news and being able to ask questions directly is so much better than reading an article and post comments.
I am a bit surprised about the news 4ian shared. It is very exciting, something I was hoping to happen one day but now that it is actually happening as soon as this week, it is surprising 4ian doing this without any financial plans for the future. I really do hope 4ian and GDevelop going to succeed, it is really exciting.

in case 4ian going to read this, few comments from me on things was talked about in the video:

Make coding in the editor more simple

I think what was referring to is to make a scripting API that simplify the commands we can use. For example instead of

for beginners it can be very confusing and scary so how about maybe a short BASIC style command


Ideas for how to bring funds to the project

I think I have already shared ideas in other topics not too long ago that most people disliked and since this is not the place for such discussion, for now I just would like to mention Paid Priority Support, Training, Paid Services (get hired to implement features, fix bugs that benefit everyone not just those who hire you, train people how to code extensions, how to use GDevelop) similar to what the developer of Phaser offer. Certainly does not cost you anything to try and setup a form so people can contact you and ask for an offer. You could assign paid developers to do such paid jobs while you do something else or do the paid jobs your self, you are your own boss now, you can do whatever you want :sunglasses:

Just take a look at what sort of paid services Phaser offer and how much they charge, you could totally offer something similar and as I mentioned it does not have to be you-you but you could assign paid devs to do these jobs:

Good luck and looking forward to more live/recorded QnA events. Was really great. :+1:


Sounds good, I’m excited about the GD future :+1: