And this is how left Construct2, Game Maker Studio, etc.

Hi everyone,


First of all: English is not my native language so feel free to correct me :smiley:

Game Maker Studio:
When I was 12 years old I first begun with Game Maker 8.1, Yoyogames forum was a nice place to share your creations. I´ve made my first prototype in two weeks. A year later, I wanted to make big projects like those whose names you know. So I started with GML. At first, it was like: :laughing: finally! an engine with drag and drop capabilities and easy language to learn, but then :cry: errors appear like it was waiting for a single action to hit your project in the proud. I though it was just my fault but found that error windows on the most GM projects. Just weeks later they closed the site to upload your games, eliminating that way thousands of games.

Construct 2:
So here´s where I run to Construct 2, an easy, robust and complete drag and drop (Nothing like GMS) game engine with its own visual editor. I tried the free version and it was the first time that I actually make a demo game. The simple engine event took me the first day to learn it how things work. Just amazing, but then… Licenses… oh licenses and the poor support of exporters ( they actually tell you that they don´t support third party exporters, however, there are solutions tutorials there to do that). Construct2 was good enough to make me to choose it, but they want you to pay for something that they even support. So I move to ClickTeam Fusion 2.5.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5:
I can´t talk to much about this software because I didn´t test it enough but, the more I investigated the more I feel uncomfortable. They just made a really ugly interface :imp: , but it seemed like is really getting support and the modules they have look like you can trust them.
However since I was finding a drag and drop engine ( Thanks to the facility of C2 ) and the “export-what-you-want-without-fees” one, I asked to Mr.Google to leave things clear.

The best one:
And here, ladies and gentlemen, is how I found the Great Editor Ever, G Develop.
It was just perfect, I made good and complete prototypes just like with construct but without actually paying!
And surprise! you can make games for pc with high performance. Two engines at once.
Then I found that this was just made by only one person, and the huge community behind him, and G DevApp! all open source, MIT License, Exporters to HTML5 and PC. Just amazing. :mrgreen:

It has behaviors like construct2 but even better defined, the templates gets your hands on water while developing is faster thanks to event system. You can make a mobile-HTML5 game and export it to pc! I test a little prototype drum app on my 320x480 phone and then ( with the same resolution ) worked the same on an android tv!

Im not saying this one is the best at all, but the best we can make for everybody!
This can be what we want it to be guys, let´s support it with everything we got!! :wink:

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Great for non-programmers I would say that is the best I was curious to try game makers I sincerely but pay 99 euros and 75 euros DISCOUNTED is always too expensive.

Now I’m always waiting for the development of the new version of gdevelop as you know the multiplayer is not supported yet so it limits the creation of games anyway it is really great because it allows you to create both native and HTML5 games directly on your broswer.

For me it is currently my first program that I use intensively and see that is developed with so much dedication and from a single person (even if I had seen a second programmer but I do not know if it is always active) is really good.

I forgot why I’m here welcome in the forum, I hope you’ll find good you can find on the forum and on the wiki (but let’s not forget youtube) all the information regarding gdevelop examples, guides is very intuitive and FAST.

Nice summary, no objection regarding Clickteam Fusion UI (worse than Urho3D’s), I made a little top-down car prototype years ago (not sure if I was following a tutorial) fighting again that weird grid event editor and leave it automatically :laughing: