Android game lags - how to optimize?


i don’t understand how that’s possible. i have tried on two different phones (Galaxy A52 and Realme 6), and on both phones it is the same problem.

so you have walk with player from side to another, and you passed by the green house ?

the house didn’t shake for a second?

can you make a screen record video on your phone, so that i can compare it with my.

Thank you

Yes, I did like you did, move left and right past the two houses several times, and it’s smooth.
I don’t have video record, and I don’t see the point.
My screen is small, and I’m on Android 9, maybe that’s why. :person_shrugging:

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then I’ll finish the game, so I hope it will be ok.

but it’s very strange that it works normally for you, but not for me on two different devices.

thank you