Android Splash Logo Doesn't Disappear

Has anyone else noticed that the new Android Splash logo doesn’t go until the game is loaded? (It flashes up the actual splash screen for a fraction of a second before the game is loaded - No loading bar, etc.). It’s only been since the feature was added. I’ve tested it on a bunch of a phones now and they’re all the same.

I love the option but my main splash screen and loading bar are more important!

:wave: Can you confirm which phones and OSs you tried?

Xiaomi Mi A3 - Android 11
Samsung S20 5G - Android 12

I’ll get in touch with my other testers and get more details later.

OPPO A72 - Android 11

Ugoos AM6B+ - Android 9 - This one works fine (icon pops up for a second then my splash screen and loading bar appear).

Thanks! I have opened a bug report according to the information you provided.

Can you confirm your project size in MB, and how long each booting step lasts?
Like, “the splash logo shows for x seconds, progress bar is shown for 0.x seconds and the game starts”?

File (.apk) size: 15.1MB (15.94MB when installed)
Android Logo: Lasts around 12 seconds
Splash Screen: Flashes up for a fraction of a second then the game starts

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