Android version

Will be created a android version on the gdevelop app(i not mean a online service)?this is a great app if possible make this app work for android phones thanks

Maybe, but it’s not likely.
There is the GDevApp website, so in a way, there is android version.

sorry i mean a offline metod,and the site not work for me ,but thanks anyaway

I don’t want to give false expectations, can you check this?:
It’s an online version of the new IDE, it’s for test only, but if it works in your browser maybe an Android version could be made…

thanks forn help, i not have here the phone but in pc offline i not find the button to execute ,show save but not appear the execut , other thing the resources images or music not search and not appear but the some options show and work offline i think with some modifications will work offline,but in phone i not tested

It lacks a lot of things because it’s just a test, no idea if 4ian intends to improve it :neutral_face:

ok thanks for help