Animation Frame Condition

I’m getting this error with the “Animation Frame” condition. I guess the funcionality exists, but the method isn’t there :frowning:

EDIT: HTML5 platform

Fixed :slight_smile:

Note: You should be able to fix it by yourself! GO in GD folder/JsPlatform/Runtime and open spriteruntimeobject.js.
Find the line 427 (it’s a blank line, before the line beginning by gdjs.SpriteRuntimeObject.prototype.hasAnimationEnded = function() {) and insert here:


  • Get the index of the current frame displayed by the animation
    gdjs.SpriteRuntimeObject.prototype.getAnimationFrame = function() {
    return this._currentFrame;

Save the file, launch a new preview of your game and tell me if it works :slight_smile:

Yes, works perfect :smiley: