animation in tiled sprite????

this is on of the most important thing in my game. can anyone please tell me how to use animation in tiled sprite?

only way you could possibly do it is by having each frame as an object and have a timer flicking through them as im sure you can only animate sprites, that said ill send you an example after im just finishing it to show you

Hi here is an example for you that i made its very basic but it shows how you can animate a tiled sprite iv done it using my enemy tank and some different coloured buttons lol but im sure this will help quite a few people so this can be added to examples page if one of the moderators think its worthwhile, as for collision with the enemy im still experimenting, but i think it is possible to test the distance between your player and the enemy and then use that value to delete the laser ill let you know how i get on anyway :wink:

enjoy the animated tiled sprite :slight_smile:

by the way to shoot and animate the tiled sprite, hit space bar just incase you forget to look at the code before you preview game
Animating Tiled Sprite Tutorial.rar (43.9 KB)

thanks man

No problem :wink:, im still working out how to make the tiled sprite destroy when in a collision with an enemy but dnt think im too far away