Animation not working correctly after new update

Hi all!

I seem to be having a strange issue after I installed the newest update.

I have a few slash animations for a few different weapons. The animations that were in the game before the engine updated all still work just fine. However, newly added animations do not work correctly.

Here is the code I use to create the slash object using the original animation that was in the engine before the update and this is it working correctly:


As the player moves down the slash works as intended.

Using the exact same code and simply just changing the animation with the newer one that was added after the update this is the result:


For some unknown reason when using the newly added animation when the player is moving down and hits a certain threshold, the animation will stop and only work when the player moves back into that threshold.

Very confused as to why this is happening but any help would be appreciated.

From the logic you provided, it doesn’t seem like you are cleaning up the slash objects which means they would still be in the scene.

If so I wonder if the “don’t play animations when the object is far from the camera” is causing this issue.

@Bucketeer Try going to the objects animation section, choosing Advanced Options and unselecting the “don’t play animations when the object is far from the camera” and see if that works.


If so it might be a bug as I am not sure if that is the intended behavior, either way you should look into cleaning up your slash objects.
A real simple method is creating a custom behavior, attach it to your slash objects and just have the behavior check if the animation is finished, if so delete it.

I do have a separate event that is handling the deletion of the animation once it’s finished:

What is strange though is that when I turn off the “Don’t play the animation when the object is far from the camera” it still does not work properly but in a slightly different way.


With that option turned off, instead of the animation not playing and then having them all play, it just does not play (or maybe even create?) the slash animation until the player is above that threshold.

This whole thing is made even more confusing by the fact that the animations that I added before the update in the same object work just as intended. Very strange and saddening.

So after some messing around and testing, I’ve been able to at least identify the issue. For what ever reason this very simple action is what is causing this as far as I can tell:

I have no idea why it is causing this issue but when I delete it it works as intended. However, it does still leave me with a major issue for my project as rotating the slash object towards the cursor is an important part for the game’s combat mechanic.

Hopefully there is something that can be done or some kind of help to be had. Thank you for the responses.

EDIT: I was able to get a fix by just creating a new slash object. Still very much not sure what the original problem was but for now it seems to be working.

That’s really odd. Maybe something todo with the new caching options if a new object fixed it, but even then…

Glad to hear it’s fixed!

If creating same object resolved your issue then you most likely had variable or behavior or some setting or some event attached to it
Never seen it other way around it