Animation of object in compiled game doesn't change.

I think it is a bug.

In the project I have just shared in this topic:

When run preview, everything works as it should (mostly) but in the compiled game, when I enter the ship with the orange wings, the animation of interior object doesn’t change properly.
The custom points of the animation is loaded but the actual image used in that animation is not.
Here are the screenshots.

Preview: everything looks good:

In compiled game the actual image didn’t change:

I get the same error on Windows 7 64bit and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit, using GD 3.3.71

Is the animation paused?

I’m using 2 separated animation for the same object (ship_interior), each animation is only one frame, a single image so not looping, playing or anything.

Every ship object in the game has an unique ID variable and I change the animation number of the “ship_interior” object based on the value of this variable

Triggered once : Do= "ship.Variable(ID)" to the number of current animation of the "ship_interior"

Animation 0 is the ship with the orange wings
Animation 1 is the ship with the blue wings

I just simply change the Animation number of the “ship_interior” object once while condition is true.

But the interesting thing is, I’m using points different places on each animation to set the position of those objects, but as you can see it is same on both, so basically the animation is right, only the actual image of the animation is wrong (I guess).

Just to let you know, only Animation 0 (the ship with orange wings) is affected, Animation 1 (ship with blue wings) works as it should.
For some reason, in the compiled game Animation 0 is using the image of Animation 1 :confused:

Upload project file (along with images) so devs have better chance of debugging it.

GTA in

I have installed the latest version of GD (3.4.72) on Ubuntu and this bug is still there.
Any progress on this?

Really strange bug, working on it.

I guess you know about it, just to mention it, the bug is still there in v3.5.74 :frowning:

Oh yes I forgot to mention that I found the root cause of the bug: when the game is compiled, all images are sent to the same folder. As you have some images with the same name, one overwrites the other. So, while I work on a way to rename images with names that collides, you can make sure that you give specific filenames to each image.