Animations are bugged/how do I fix em?

so I’m making a platformer and I even coded the animations in etc and they just wont work idk why but they just wont work

Can you be more specific? How does it not work? How are you expecting it to work? Can you provide screen snip of the events around the animations that are being a problem?

There’s a reason for having a new thread template. Please use it next time.

well ever since the new update all the games I’ve made the animations don’t even work even though they worked just fine before

Your response is too vague. Please read my previous post for what information we need in order to help.

apparently the animations wont change at all

Do they appear stuck on the first frame?

its stuck on animation#0

This happens because the animation is changed elsewhere. Check your other animation change events and confirm there aren’t any other change animation actions that could get triggered.

The “Change animation” action won’t restart at frame 0 if the animation doesn’t change from what it was before the change animation action. It only resets to frame 0 if the animation has changed from one to another.

So, for example, if the animation is “walking” and it is changed to walking, then animation keeps playing smoothly, continuing from the frame it is at.

But if the animation is set to “idle” (say in a unconditional event) and then set to “walking”, then both animation changes will start at frame 0.

well the animations are on a external event which is linked to the scene that has the objects and stuff so idk

Then you’ll have to go through the external events and search for the animation change. This is not uncommon and comes part and parcel with being a developer.

But first, check whether this thread is related to your issue?

well im on browser so itll be a bit different for me

since even my older projects the animations still worked properly