Animations not saving

I’ve encountered a very weird bug… Basically, it does not allow me to save any animations I am creating within the integrated Piksel editor.

For example: I add 5 completely different frames, and the preview animation works just fine. → Then, I press “SAVE”, it renders, and gives me 5 identical pictures, and of course, the animation is no longer working after that. When i go back into edit, there are 5 identical pictures too.

This started after the latest update i believe. Saving/re-opening the project did nothing. As well as restarting pc didn’t help.

Would like to avoid reinstalling the app due to how unstable it is.
Maybe there’s a way to clear cache or smth? idk…

Here’s a video of this.

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I frequently run into this bug. Haven’t found a way to reliably reproduce.

Happens to me too. Although, if you open the animation in piskel again, it shows the same animation I create. I save that animation as a piskel file and then put the frames in a new animation. It works for me. Maybe it’ll work for you too. I hope so.

Tried that too. Didn’t solve the problem. Any way to import animations without opening em with piksel first?

There’s always the choose a sprite button, as in, saving every individual frame as a png by exporting and then importing them… Did I understand what you said? :neutral_face:

haha, yeah… that does indeed sound like the only option left for me… :smiley:

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