Annecy 2018 - Snow, Ice and You!


I have started the development of this game years ago to support the bidding of Annecy, candidate city for the 2018 winter olympic games.

Of course (some may remember…) neither Annecy nor Munich were chosen… But Pyeongchang-Corea of course…

Watching those winter olympic games, I decided to finish this game. This is done now :slight_smile:

To download it, you can:

[]Download from this address/url!AgMTj1-l3xuPiD9a9PmOk-sX0vo_[/]
[]Open the zip file and save its content to one directory of your PC (Windows)[/]
[]Double click on Annecy2018.exe[/]

This zip file contains 12 game levels (XML files) to show the game features…
But the game itself contains a level editor that allows you to create your own levels…
All messages/help pages are in french and (pseudo :slight_smile: ) english (click on the ‘?’ icon at the upper right corner of the window to read the help associated to each scene (e.g. intro, level selection, level editor, game, End).

Some game screenshots are also available at the same address/url above…
Have fun…

After some comments from my favorite testers (children :slight_smile: ), I have improved the movement of mobile items (‘hero’, guards - with or without olympic torch).
Zip file is now ‘’ (!AgMTj1-l3xuPiFla9PmOk-sX0vo_)

Sorry me again :cry:

Don’t know why I can’t display embedded images/screenshots in this post (I’m doing ‘something’ wrong…but what?)

Anyway… I have uploaded screenshots of some game levels (# 01, 02, 07, 08, 10). Those level screenshots can be seen at the same URL than the zip file!AgMTj1-l3xuPiFla9PmOk-sX0vo_


Attachments seem to work better than links to my shared MS OneDrive (Microsoft… :smiling_imp: )

Welcome page:

Level Selection page:

Level 1:

Level 7:


Create any number of new game levels using the ‘Game Editor’:


How to play…:

How to use the level editor: