annoying pop up prompt every time gdevelop opens a window

This prompt keeps comming up and it is super annoying:

and here it is at startup of gdevelop

I am on manjaro linux (arch based) - latest

Which version of GDevelop are you using?
Is it a version compiled from source?

It’s the latest version, from a converted debian file - via a build script on AUR:

Arch/manjaro/other arch based linux users get that version, since nobody has put up a proper build script that makes a package from the source tar or the github repo. … e=gdevelop

This is awesome!! Still I wish we had an automated build script that makes a package! :smiley:

Unfortunately I still get the same error message when using your package.

There have been great enhancements to GD build last months. There are now packaging scripts in Binaries/Packaging directory (but still not for beginners/end users) and the build is really easy to do: … v_env.html

Basically install dependencies, CMake, launch CMake with GD directory as source.

Packaging is a process that is unfortunately quite complex and very dependent of the distribution. I wish it was possible to create a universal build&packaging script but it’s not possible due to the different architecture and technical choices of all Linux distribution… I mean, I spent one week setting up the build script for creating the Ubuntu ppa and even had to ask for help on the web!

But you should give a try at building GD by yourself if you are curious, it is easier than it sounds :slight_smile:

I am actually thinking of making a Build script for AUR repository that makes a package using your build script :smiley:

That would allow easier rapid testing of the git version before it is out.

Any idea on how to remove that pop up? Some times it locks up the window and I have to close and reopen it.
If we could only tell gdevelop not to show that prompt or show it only one time at startup- that would be a semi-solution. :unamused:

Btw I think victor’s packages are being generated automatically already - by the opensuse builder service.
You should use that service to make gdevelop packages easily available to more distributions. :slight_smile: I mean officially - at the front/download page.
So we dont have to convert the debian file to get gdevelop easily.

For the popup, it is related to some PNG files that create this warning (the latest version of libPNG used by wxWidgets to open png files is more severe about the way PNG are formatted).

So I still need to find which png are causing the warning and strip them with a software to make them “properly” formatted.
I already use a service like the one that Victor uses to automatically create the Ubuntu packages :slight_smile: (it’s Launchpad: You can see in the Binaries/Packaging folder two scripts to upload GD and start a build on Launchpad ( or OpenBuildService, the service used by Victor(

Feel free to look at these scripts and see if you can adapt them to your distribution. Or slightly change them to build packages on your account of Launchpad or OpenBuild Service. :slight_smile: Let us know if you manage to do something nice :slight_smile:

For the popup I’m on it, it seems that this internal warning of libpng can’t be dismissed so I have to find&convert PNG files.

Well, victor seems to have figured it out . If the package was uploaded to the extra repository of arch linux, then it would be totally out of the box.

For now it would be great if gamedevelop’s website communicated how to get these for each supported distro.

It’s good to hear that the issue is being worked on - for the pop up. It’s really bothersome.

I don’t think it could be added to Arch extra as some of policies are not respected : the app embeds some libs (sfml as instance) and everything is installed in /opt/gdevelop.

Btw this pop up issue makes the editor unusable. It locks the window and any changes you make dont get applied while the pop up is there.

This popup thing should be fixed in the latest commit. :slight_smile:

Where are these build scripts? Cant seem to find them at github

wait a minute, Victor has already written a proper PKGBUILD file that can be submitted to AUR: … D?expand=1

It is better than the one at aur, since it builds from source, rather than converting the deb file- also still uses the old name.

With some modification this script should be able to build from github

Blurymind, there is now this package:
So maybe you should contact the author so that he can make use of the Victor build script?


sorry, the launchpad website is a bit confusing and you didnt give me a direct link :smiley:
Anyways, I wrote as comment at AUR. Hope they replace it. Arch users can manually write in these scripts before running them, so its easy to just paste victor’s code in place of his.

I would love it if we had a build script that gets the source code straight from github. It should be easy to alter victor’s to do that

I made a PKGBUILD script that builds from github master and makes a bleeding edge package for Arch/Manjaro users.
I can confirm that the bug is fixed.

The pop up message appears when you open the scene view of the Tanks example - only once now. This is bearable :smiley:

Awesome! This is really cool! :mrgreen:

Could it be used/shared somewhere? Maybe somewhere on the new website :slight_smile:
EDIT: For the popup, it’s still appearing some time but I’ll track and remove the remaining ones before the release. :slight_smile:

of course ! :slight_smile:
Feel free to use it, alter it, do anything. I posted it at the development section of the forum. Thanks to Victor who laid the base script. I simply altered it to fetch the source from github master instead. :smiley:

The reason I like using manjaro/arch linux is that it has AUR. It is by far the easiest way to automatically get bleeding edge stuff installed as a package on your system.

I will try to get the script approved at aur today, so whenever someone wants to get the latest build, all they would have to do is type
sudo yaourt gdevelop-git